How to Collagraph Print in Colour. (printmaking)

now in this print what we’re going to do is a multicolored print with a color graph and I’m going through a few different processes and showing a few different ways of getting color on your color graph so here’s a couple of different techniques and they’re not all intaglio they’re do a relief printing there as well on the next in the color graph series we need to do a little bit of an abstract design sort of is a a snake scape and so snake scales in the landscape I’m doing with color graph style we’re cutting bits of cardboard putting them together building up layers with well just at the moment thin cardboard I’m marking out scales these are snake scales this is a snake scape which is what I wanted to do painting each scale with a bit of PVA glue I let that dry using the glue with a paintbrush to make watery effects so this that was our cardboard now a clear plastic over top of that now use glue with a paintbrush to paint on some thin lines so here we have two colors have clear plastic plate which is going to be my blue and we have the other one which is my cardboard plate which is going to be the black mix up some shellac flakes some methylated spirits shellac flakes give them an hour to melt together then paint it on and this makes a cardboard nice and sturdy so it can handle the ink then with a shellacking out sort of paint in the direction that it is because that might bring out a bit of texture as well now I’m inking up the cardboard just as you would normal intaglio I’m also inking up the dry point plastic as well rub off the excess ink let’s say the ink only stays inside the grooves or in the case of color graphs so hugs around the sides of where the glue is now I’m going to print this face down normally I print it face up at this time I’m printing it face down I’m going to roll it through the press and there’s our black and white version next I’m going to get there with the blue and very very carefully place the blue over the black then run that through the press as well and this is how I get the registration of course I can see through the blue enough just to line it up and it gives me the second color let’s have a look here take you for a little trip have a look at that there we have a two color color graphic print and I can see the sky serve a little bit mucky I tried one print just in blue this is like you know just the cardboard collagraph just in blue the sky is just sort of picked up lots of dots in that here’s this one which i think is a little bit better but it still seems to lack color still black and white so I’m gonna make it a black not just black and I might do something to the sky I’m going to cut away the sky okay and this next print I’ll just print just that black but I make a bit of a greeny black so it’s not completely black ink up the blue plate just decided before exactly the same as I did before I’m going to put this face down and this is going to be my black print which I roll through the press so carefully remove this always going to be careful with your fingers here don’t want to ink onto the paper but Elsa looks pretty good without the sky now I’m going to very very gently put the blue drypoint plastic plate over top when I can see through and line it up to try and make perfect registration roll that’s through the press what are we got very very carefully pull it out I don’t have a look at how this printed okay so this is not too bad stuck to the paper again I’m very careful you have a paper just wet enough but not too wet here you see a little faint sky there but it’s probably not still not what I’m wanting with the color of the scales are better back to another idea yeah I love this film called Ed Wood by Tim Burton and it’s got Johnny Depp in it playing Edward jr. and there’s one bit in the film where he’s on the phone talking to these movie producers he says how’d you like my film ah you hated it well my next one’s going to be better and that’s just the way you got to be with printmaking sometimes he’s got always so think well the next one’s going to be better get the brayer or the roller I’m going to roll out some ink just a small roller this is going to be a completely different approach we’re also going to print part of this intaglio and part of this in relief print the sky that I had before which I cut off from the other plate I do not get rid of I kept that and I’m now rolling it up so that this is going to be the relief print it’s going to be the sky and the other bits going to be as I did before intaglio still printing facedown I probably should have printed this face up but yes I’m getting into habits now more exercise all right let’s have a look at this one see how we are going with it it’s not looking too bad bit patchy I should print the other way around paw print face up I’ll get rid of the patchiness and it’s it’s a bit better it’s a little bit better well the next one’s going to be better I stabbed a few dots in here we’re going to have it a little nice starry night let’s go change the mood of the whole thing a bit they can’t look at night time so with that eager excited the next one’s going to be better here we go we’re going to see if it is or not this time I did print face up stuck to the paper ago I should probably dry the paper a little bit more but I think I have success there we have it yes I am happy with that finally that’s my snake scape on the water I can live with it I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that’s getting color into collagraph sand for the next video we’re going to be doing some mono prints you

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