How to Collagraph print.(printmaking)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to my printmaking series where I’ll be talking about how to produce prints and I’ve already done a few already today we’re looking at collar grafts well I like about color graphs is that well you just get pizza junk it’s a cardboard and stuff like that and that’s what you make a color graph from what don’t like about it is sometimes you haven’t got that much control and but that can be a good thing and in printmaking you’ve got to be used to the idea of happy accidents happening all the time it’s a very serendipitous type of process so if you can put up with a few happy accidents and let the actual techniques just take a bit of control sometimes you can’t with some very interesting images right bit of junk barrel cereal boxes and you use anything for color graphs as long as it sort of flat ish Chuck a bit of old meth oh don’t drink it but shove it in they’ll shellac flakes because these take a while to sort of soften up and if you leave it in there a bit longer you don’t gives me lumps let those flakes really soften up for an arrow say now get the bits of cards throw it together I’m going to do a scene with a frog sitting on a snake’s back not realizing it and the snake checking out the Frog probably don’t eat it or something like that oh cardboard just I do texture there to follow the guidelines but this is all cardboard and the PVA glue PVA glue great I actually using throw and here’s a little bit of sandpaper sandpaper is just going to come out as a black solid black bit and you see I’ve put little bits of cardboard there for the scales now I’m using the PVA glue just doesn’t medium all on its own so it’s great for water and I’m gluing on some ferns and I just so squash those ferns down as I say this is easy no problem this is why I did a lot of copies of the Frog so I consider together like a jigsaw puzzle around all the edges there’ll be black bits there where the inks going together now got the whole thing together I’m giving a good coating with shellac and I tell you what the plate looks like a bloody work of art itself it’s bloody genius now usually I ink up by scraping a spatula over or rather a little squeegee but today I’m using a brush just getting all those little tricky nooks and crannies now wet my paper just like etching and check out my etching videos if you don’t believe me very very carefully putting it down and here we go running through the press can the press ready as I say this is this is real man’s work this is just know this sort of sissy put it on a computer and spit it out you don’t manually do this they’re very very careless at this stage you know if I’m too rough here it could actually sort of get ink where I don’t want it so I take this off very very carefully through the back anything there and look at that hey isn’t that bloody beautiful okay have a look hold up to the camera show and tell oh bloody great okay so it was easy as I said absolutely easy you wouldn’t believe how easy that was and here I’ve got a whole stack of all just from a little lump of cardboard check out the best ones they’re all a little bit different but most of are pretty much the same I’ve got a good addition there so that’s collagraph see how bloody easy that was anybody can do that even you and so that was collagraph but come on do you really think it was that easy stay tuned for my next video where I debunk this video and show how hard it really was [Music]

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