How to do FLUID ABSTRACT PAINTING Using a ZIPLOCK BAG (and craft paint)

alright guys today we are going to learn how to paint this Marbley texture using craft paint and a ziploc bag sometimes I just like to experiment with whatever I’ve got around the hop oh sorry about that that was a little aggressive calm down self alright so moving on I like to experiment with what I’ve got around the house I’m like okay got some paints random paints oh look is it block bag paint guess I’ll use this paint instead of that paint let’s just squirt our down there purple over the white now you’ve seen me do this on a few different marbling effects and this is another marbling effect there’s some blue but it’s a lot more smooth when it dries than the other one it’s almost like silk so it’s pretty cool so I’ve got that mmm why would I put it inside the ziplock bag but if that puppy out of the way now I’m just pressing it down trying not to over mix it and then I pull up the bag ever so slightly trying to make sure that the bag doesn’t go back onto the surface of the canvas and there it is now you may remember the movin and groovin tipping and dripping technique and I’m going to do that next I could have just left it because it’s still pretty cool but I wanted to move those colors around a little bit more and I guess I was feeling a little bit aggressive bang-bang I’m sure my children just appreciated it so much as they were trying to sleep sorry kids mama loves you look at that oh I could just do this all night and all day and all night and all day cuz I’m just that interesting and I’m just that amused with myself right now sorry all right what do you think look at that that’s like the easiest thing and that’s amazing i amaze myself are you amazed how about one more for the road yeah this time though with the ziplock bag I just press it right down on top cuz I figure I guess I don’t really need to put it inside the bag to get the same texture and there it is that one looks very Marbley ooh subscribe give me thumbs up and find her art from the Attic on facebook but

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