How to Draw a Cartoon Turkey Cute | Beanie Boos

hi drastic beauties away to here today we’re gonna draw a turkey inspired by beanie boos so let’s get started to draw this cute turkey we’re going to first type by drawing its eyes so I’m going to come right here and draw a really big circle because beanie boos have huge eyes right so one big circle we’re gonna come right next to it go right there just leaving enough room for a beak in the center draw another circle and today my circles are wobbly but it’s an easy fix or hasta cute search eyes right I’ll just make it bigger okay so from there let’s make them draw secure eyes and I’m gonna come in here and put draw two small circles for highlights and a curved line at the bottom and shade in the top two thank you for all the love over the years for all the beanie boo drawings I’ve done so far so if you love them please and make sure to check out my beanie boos draw secured beanie boos playlist and the lines at the bottom so same thing over here so two small circles and a curved line at the bottom and the lines at the bottom and since that eyes so big because they made a boo-boo I’m gonna make this one big as well so I’m just gonna come on the edge right here and make it bigger there okay this is bigger than I intended but that’s okay so then that’s coming in between the eyes and we’re gonna draw a curve right by here we’re really close to the eye I draw a curve right there we’re going to start to beak so though it’s round this off and let’s bring it down with a deeper curve towards the center and then come back up and then right here we’re gonna add another curve and up so it just separates the pink there and to round this off a little bit I think looks better rounder and then we’re gonna come above the eye and just draw a little curve above each eye and then of course we have to draw the wattle and that makes it a turkey so right underneath this beak let’s go ahead I’m gonna start say right here right under the beak we’re gonna draw a curve and it’s gonna curve Al’s like a little worm so this one’s gonna come right here I’m gonna follow and then right here I’m gonna go a draw curve comes down and it’s gonna go up and then this side is just going to finish and come in there I’ve got our water in just gonna round it off more okay so I’m from there let’s draw the face let’s come back to where we drew the eye so right here I’m going to come out say about this much and you’re going to start to draw the dumpling shape that you should give to all my draw circuit characters so same thing over here so about this much just like the other side we’re going to start off with a curve that goes around the eye so from there let’s start to go up I’m gonna bring this up I’m just going to go back and forth a little bit easier on my hands and so this is my center so about right here is gonna be my highest point just gonna be aware of that and let’s bring it around so right here’s my highest point and then bring us down there okay so then from there we can start to finish the bottom so that’s come in so it’s all up to you you can draw the face first and then put in the eyes whatever you’re more comfortable with so I’m going to bring this in and it’s going to come about right here so this curve is going to start to come in how about right there we don’t want it too long to just make a little bit cuter so we’re going to shorten the face then go ahead and connect it from there let’s draw the body so I’m going to Center the body so by right here and here two points and I’m going to start to bring this down my turkey nice and fluffy so about right here I’ll start to bring it in and going to connect it at the bottom so it’s a little bit more flat at the bottom and connect then from there let’s come over here we’re going to draw the wings so it’s come out by right there and just gonna bring a curve down all right they’re round off the tip and bring it in so same thing over here so kind of coming down I’m just gonna drag this point across so I know approximately I say well right there come to my point right there and go up so we have those in now the feet so right here I’m going to start gonna Center it so I’m going to draw two points right here and let’s come about right here and we’re gonna start the feet so I come out and make three curves and connected it so same thing over here then two and three wobbles okay so then from there I’m going to just give an indication of the back tail wings back tail feather so about right here let’s just draw a curve and another one a little bit bigger and then tucks in so same thing over here one and a bigger one and then just tuck in another one there and then let’s see we can draw some curves right here just for indication of feathers so it’s maybe here just gonna draw three two three lightly bigger ones right here and of course I have to add a heart right here to make it my dress acute turkey from beanie boos so there hope you love how this cute turkey turned out and inspires you to draw it too thanks so much for watching and if you loved it please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bells so you won’t miss any nude rasa cute videos see you later [Music]

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