How To Draw A Croquis

hi guys it’s makarios and welcome back to fashion school with Nick Barrios today it’s sketching day I’m going to show you how to create your own 9 head croaky for flat sketches so I need a lot of aspiring fashion designers both young and old and they always come up to me and they say Nick I’ve got such creative ideas and all these designs I want to draw but I really can’t draw fashion and then I tell them well do you have a croaky and then they ask me what’s a croaky well a group key is kind of like a paper doll and it’s a little trick we slip it underneath our piece of paper to get the fashion proportions right and it really helps especially young fashion designers who don’t know how to draw that well to get the drawings right and we use a crow key especially in the beginning for flat sketches now what are flat sketches basically what that says it’s like you’re drawing the garment but flat think of it like on a hanger see how it looks like with no 3d dimension so it’s flat it’s also like you know those photos that you see in magazines where the sweater or the skirt is lying flat on a table then you sketch the flat sketch so today I’m going to show you how to create your very own 9 head croaky 4 flat sketches to begin your 9 headcrusher going to need a piece of paper eight-and-a-half by eleven is fine you’re also going to need pencil hello a clear ruler I like a thin one to click this as well and then a black marker or Sharpie okay are you ready let’s go so I’ve got my piece of paper and you want to draw a straight line right through the middle okay and we’re going to divide our croaky into nine heads and I’m going to help you here each of those parts will be about an inch and then eight so that secretes a little pinch extra than an inch okay so just go like this there’s one head two three four five six seven eight and nine okay now then draw horizontal lines at those nine parts okay just like that and that’s going to help you in drawing your croquis all right almost there and one more there you go now you want to number them so one two three four five six seven eight and nine okay the first one the first head is your head all right so I’m going to draw the head right there next we want to draw your neck and then your shoulders the shoulders are sloping slightly downward just like that and the width of your shoulders should be about a head and a half and so because I told you a head is an inch and an eighth so a head and a half is an inch or 3/4 so just draw a line that’s about an inch and 3/4 that’s how wide your shoulders are and there we go okay done so number two is your apex or bust what’s the apex that’s the highest point of your bust all right so just write that down apex slash bust number three that’s your waist now that’s the natural waist which is basically where the belly button is okay so just right waist right there okay so the next thing we want to draw is your waist the waist will be the same width as your head which is one and one eighth okay so then just draw right there okay now you want to connect your shoulders to your waist right there so that’s your torso okay if you want also just draw just bust right there to help you next are your hips now your hips the width they’re the same as your shoulders all right when did I say that was one in 3/4 but here’s an easy way look take your ruler and draw a light line right to there to number four which are your hips and then draw a curved line from the waist to the apps right there okay now for hips little four right below the fourth that’s your crotch okay let’s just leave that alone number five is sides six your knees okay so now let’s go to six right beside that center line draw a circle right there then you want to connect from your hips to there just like that okay so now you’ve got the upper part of your legs number seven right there those your cow number eight right there your ankles and number nine is your fluor all right let’s go to the ankles number eight to our small circles right there and then you want to connect so now you’re drawing the lower part of your leg okay right there and then finally number nine the floor we’re going to give her some heels because of course our croaky is a diva if you’ve got some heels of course okay see all right maybe give her some strappy heels all right now um she’s missing our poor thing but we’re going to give this to her right now so let’s go back up to our cookie let’s go to the waist area number three well that’s also your elbows okay so right beside the waist draw a circle right there another circle and you want to connect with your ruler connect see how easy that is and there you go those are your upper arm number four not only is it your hips but it’s also your wrist okay so right there and then connect connect connect and now your hands alright so I’m drawing the hands and see how they right there they touch number five your thigh so they’re your hands right there and then to finish off maybe give her a fabulous eye and eyelash right there alright so we’re almost done now what you want to do is you want to reinforce those lines so then when you slip your paper on top of it you can see your cookie so I like to use a sharpie okay and then take your sharpie and so reinforce your lines that you have just drawn all right right there the shoulder the neck the bust area then the hip right there your legs [Music] okay almost done the high heels you can send the arms I’m using the ruler to help me out here you can see okay if you want reinforce here head right there okay so now there you go there’s your cookie how do you use it take a piece of clean white paper put it on top of it so then when your designer boss tails you I need a flat sketch of a dress you’re like okay sure thing now watch so you got your piece of paper slip in the croaky underneath see how you can see through it ah look at that so now your proportions will always be right okay so you want to dress what I’ll give it to you see using your cookie from underneath I’m going to draw a shift dress that goes to the mean how do I know where the knee will be because I see it in my croaky see it’s underneath and it helps me to me so I’m going to give it a waste I’ll be neck alright and I know where to stop it and then I’m going to make a non-pure line maybe some bus starts all right there a little waist art and maybe give her a fleam there and a sleeve there and then maybe finish it off with the zipper done there’s my gosh so then you show it and you’re like well see look at my sheet dress right there and then when they ask and they’re like ah how did you get your proportions alright then you can just flip that croaky and hide it behind you and just tell them you know what it’s natural talent thanks for watching fashion school with Nick very oats now stay tuned because I’m going to show you how to bump up that croaky and teach you how to do a fashion illustration croaky that’s going to be good until then don’t forget to get my book a passion for fashion where I show you more fashion sketching tips and tricks it’s available on

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