How to draw a Horse Galloping

hey everyone welcome back to our nelec art today’s video I’m going to show you how to draw a horse galloping now before I actually start my drawing I’m going to explain the different supplies that I’ll use because I get asked that question a lot in almost all my videos what pencils you use what kind of paperwork kind of eraser so let me quickly explain what I’m going to use for the initial sketch I’m going to use just a regular HB pencil so it’s a nice hard lead that leaves a very soft line which unless I really scrub it into the paper it’s easy to erase that’ll be for my just putting in the shapes to darken everything in I’m going to use a 6b which is a very soft lead so it’s guys leave a really dark dark line my eraser I’m just going to use a regular gummy eraser and my paper is actually just plain computer paper so let’s get drawing now if you haven’t watched my video on how to draw a horse body I kind of recommend you watch that first but if you’re ready to this is jump into the video I’m going to start off with the head of the horse which I’m going to use two circles one larger one smaller and so when they’re all connected it kind of makes a kind of a long gated triangle shape now I’m going to stretch my neck out just a little bit before I put in my chest when horses run they generally tend to thrust their necks out just a little bit to help give them that extra force so I want to do that with my horse here and you’ll notice that I’m not really focusing on making that per slice line I haven’t gone back and erased anything even though I have a lot of lines on here because I’m focusing more on getting the correct shape rather than the correct line right now so once I have my head in my shoulders I’m going to bring back the backbone back towards the rump of the horse and to know my distance it’s about two and a half circles if I were to add a circle here and a circle here the distance between the two circles would be about half this size that lets me know how long to make the horse I’m going to wrap this around and as it comes back towards the underside of the horse towards the back of the rope it’s going to slightly curved up just a little bit okay so now I have the actual body of my horse and now that’s all is left is really the legs now when in a gallop horse’s legs obviously change position a lot and so you want to choose what position of the legs you’re going to want there’s some where the forelegs the front legs are really stretched out in front of it there’s some where that’s kind of curled really far underneath it there’s some where they’re kind of right in the middle so you want to kind of look at some different pictures to find the right position that you want for this for this exact horse drawing for this one I’m going to have kind of right in the middle where one leg is brought forward I’m going to put a circle for the knee bring it down and the hoof is getting ready to stretch out so it’s not curved it’s really severely back behind it it’s starting to unfurl a little bit so it’s not tight and this leg on the other side is back still further and tucked up and that’s still pretty curled up now depending on what you want to do with the front legs will determine what your back legs are doing because they have to be in a certain position if these legs are like this then your back legs are not going to be stretched out way behind you they’re going to be curling up as well they say in the movie Bambi you got to watch both ends at the same time so we know the positions of these so it will determine the positions of our back legs so since this one is brought forward this leg is going to be tucked in just a little bit higher so I’m going to start off here at the hip bring it to the kind of the knee joint back to the back hawk and then forward and it’s curved a little bit downward and we’re bringing around back by the rope and this is tucked in he’s really gathering himself up or she is gathering themselves up and bring it back for the hook okay and now for this leg here the other side of the leg is going to be a little less um tucked up that’s gonna have come down just a little bit but it’s still not connecting with the ground and it’s not going to be as curved in this bottom hoof does this getting ready to stretch forward to make contact with the ground it’s at this point of the drawing that you really want to step back take a look at it and make sure that everything is in the position you want before you start going in and darkening the lines so I’m looking at my reference photo and back at this picture actually want to bring these legs forward just a little bit so I’m going to take my eraser and I’m going to race my legs I don’t pull that hard work but it’s much easier to fix now then later when I’m closer to finishing my drawing and thinking to myself what’s wrong with this picture don’t be afraid to work your picture out a little bit now the temptation when redrawing a line after you’ve raced it is to draw it back I think in the same place so don’t let yourself do that so see how much further I brought this leg up than what it was now I can go ahead and fix this other leg just like so okay now I’m gonna bring in the tail and it’s just gonna be flowing behind it and I’ll put in the mane and obviously I need some ears generally when a horse is putting so much effort into running it’s gonna flatten its ears just to kind of help with wind resistance so I loved oh my ears coming back off the horse you put a little bit of the forelock okay so we have the general sketch of our horse we’ve gone over and fixed things that we don’t like about it now go ahead and take my darker pencil and finish in my outlines and there we go a completed horse galloping picture so yeah I hope this video helped you out I would love to see any pictures that you have that you drew of your horses galloping um you can post these pictures on to the Facebook wall well thank you for drawing with me today and I hope you had have fun drawing your own horses galloping so we’ll talk to you again in our next art video until then God bless you guys we’ll see you later bye-bye

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