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Hi, everyone. My name is Justine Leconte. I’m a fashion designer, and I would like to show you how to draw like a fashion designer. So we are going to draw this girl together. So when you’re working on a collection you want to be able to draw a lot really fast and in a consistent style throughout your collection So I will show you the way I do it and give you tricks to save time so you can repeat the same exercise for yourself What you will need for [this] is a drawing paper tracing paper A gray pencil and a black pen and that’s it, maybe an eraser I recommend that you watch the full video first so you understand all the steps of the process and then you replay the video pause wherever you need and practice at the same time Practice is key so hum don’t panic get your pens ready and let’s go. In drawing a fashion girl is to make it plan and how should the look look like which garments am I going to combine all their specific details or parts of the garments that I would like to show especially because that’s the highlight of the look um So the right way to do it the way. I do it is that I sketch um very quickly with a [gray] pencil and think about what I would like to draw, so in my case I decide that I would like to draw a summer top So I’m going to make it flowie That’s just for me right, so I’m gonna make it very flowy we’re going to add little pearls here on the straps up That will be at the back right so you won’t see it [um] and together with this top. I would like to draw pants I would like to have in same pockets You can see them opening a little bit. I would like a crease line All right, so that’s my look The second step in the process is to choose a pose The pose is important because it tells other people how you look is supposed to be So for example if you have something happening in the sleeves you would surely go for busting like this um If you show pens, you wouldn’t choose a girl who’s got cross legs because people wouldn’t be able to say if it’s pants or a pencil skirt, right? so the pose Indicates for other people what they should pay attention to what’s the highlight in the look here’s the trick What professional designers do is that they have pre-drawn girls on tracing paper, those are mine This one for example is really good to show dramatic things happening in the sleeves This one from the side is really good for wedding dresses where you just want to see something happening behind her This one is a little bit younger a little bit girly could have a handbag here if I wanted This one. It’s good if you want to show a dramatic dress or Really wide pants for example and this one is our classical runway walking pose If you don’t have this free drawn thing that’s okay um people also use ads So here is one example from a magazine right cut out It’s good because it’s in both arms and you see the legs you can really tell how the body shape is looking like you can just copy this with tracing paper and Know how they go is standing and use the attitude in your drawings if you like it even better is to take underware ads This one is really good because you can see exactly the body contours And you can really just go over the lines and copy her so for my design. I chose this one because I will show my pants falling nicely while she walking and The flowy Top will be flowing nicely to our side because her waist is only on the side, so this is the one I pick You say sure go on facing paper and place her Enjoy your drawing paper Like this so you can really just draw over her So now we’re all good to go. We have the drawing. I know exactly how my look is going to look like I have Chosen the girl that we show it right and now starts the actual illustration So the first thing you do is that you draw the clothes on the girl without the body In this case I have this here nice ‘décolleté’ The top is flowing a little bit on the hips here here the pants start Really wide pants a little bit of an angle This is my crease line This is the look I switch to my back pin, and now I’m going to draw over the garments again, but together with the body Shoulder going on forearm So I like to actually go one side after the other So that I still know what I’m doing and if I have made a mistake with the garments pencil I can still correct it So it’s good that we draw the top first otherwise. We would have an arm on the way of the top and Then work my way down to [the] hands Here the order doesn’t matter but you might want to keep an overview of what you’re doing. So you might want a Thicker pen to start with so that you don’t have to go over same lines again like I have to do right now And now the last thing the fit, but you can still see So here is the actual drawing when you did about one minute to do it. Thanks to the pre-drawn girl underneath It looks like a proper fashion drawing right, but it takes way way less time now the last thing that I have to do is just erase the garments underneath with a good eraser I’m using a kneaded eraser that doesn’t leave any traces so here you have your first fashion drawing if you like this video, and if you’ve got a bit of insight into the process and like my video here on the like button underneath this screen and Subscribe to the channel here on the right button because next time I will show you how to add colors to this girl Thank you very much for watching and see you soon

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