How to draw, shade a realistic eye with teardrop | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Hi guys im back with another tutorial. Im going to show the techniques that I have
used on drawing this realistic eye. all of the materials I have used are listed
in the description box below. I already drew a sketch of the eye with a
very light graphite pencil and than i start by filling in the pupil. I always start lightly and than I add layers
to make it darker. Also make sure not to press too hard while
drawing or you won’t be able to erase easily when you need to. Next you start filling in the details of the
iris and make sure you draw around the reflections of the eye to leave this white. After each layer I blend with a blending stump. it might take a while to go through all these
steps, but the time pays off in the end. the next layer i go over all of the details
that should be darker. Than blend the second layer. For the next layer I darken everything that
should be darker again. Now im using a black pencil for the darkest
details, like the pupil and the shadow on the iris that comes from the upper eye lid. here im using a pencil eraser to erase some
of the graphite for some highlights in the iris. Adding the right highlights and shadows gives
the eye depth and makes it look realistic. Here im drawing some eyelash reflections in the iris. I blend with my blending stump and than I correct with the pencil eraser again I repeat these steps until im satisfied. with some extra graphite thats on my blending
stump i shade the eye ball. This is never white. the whitest parts of the eye should be the
reflections. The bigger areas I blend with a soft tissue. you see me erasing some highlights with my
pencil eraser again and i clean it in between on a piece a paper like this. I use a white uni posca for the brightest
highlights and for the parts where I didn’t leave it white. You could also use the pencil eraser if there isn’t much graphite to erase. draw some veins and than blend them for a
realistic look. At first I draw the eyelashes light and later
on I will darker them with more layers. Draw the lashes with normal pressure at the
begin and than reduce pressure at the end. The line should be thinner and lighter near
the tip of the lash. The faster you do this the more natural the
result. Make sure to curve them and some overlap each
other. The ones in the center don’t have much of
a curve because you’re looking straight at them. After i drew the first layer of the lashes
i blend them with a soft tissue, i do this after every layer for a more softer and realistic
look. for the under lashes i use
the same technique. Well thats about it. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful, if you
have any questions just leave a comment. If you liked the video thumbs up and don’t
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