How to Embellish a Glass Vase Arts & Crafts Tutorial

welcome to my place have I got a treat those of you out there who like a nice embellished bars this is what we are going to do and this is what I’m calling my Syrah ski inspired embellished bars and I just like the look of the nice clean lines I love all these lovely little Swarovski crystals in here and it is it can be standalone or you could put some simple little lilies into it or whatever you wanted it’s just a really lovely thing to make and perfect for a gift these are the things that you need you need some isopropyl alcohol that is a must because everything that we do has to be meticulously clean and free of any grime or dirt or dust we also will need an outliner marker which I’ve got him these are the porcelain and glass ones that you can pick up at any craft store I have to think spotlight here in New Zealand for the product that we’re using today I’ve also got a satay stick here and what I’ve done here is I’ve put a little bit of wax on the inner that you’ll see why I’m using that very soon I’ve got a bag of sera steed crystals they come in all sorts of colors I like to just buy the mix base because they’re a little bit cheaper for the job that I’m going to do today plus you need some little leaves these are optional and for old ladies you can’t see you need your glasses right to begin let me just get rid of that and the first thing that we need to do is to get your marker pen these come in black and silver and gold I’m using the gold so that you can see what I’m doing and it’s just a matter of when you first hold on war vital before we go any further the most important thing as I’ve already just indicated and I was about to go forth and not even think about that using your isopropyl alcohol make sure that it is definitely perfectly perfectly clean all over free of any finger marks and then do that around the top as well the other thing I like to do is to just get a little pair of some more handy towels and then I like to lay my by my VARs down and I’ll just put that there to stop it rolling so I’m not going to use the black and I’ll just give that a lovely a little wipe over again from where I’ve tried I’ve touched it right from there the next thing to do is to get your marker pen and before you get into it just cut that off you know I haven’t be careful when you’re cutting the little nozzle end at the end here that you don’t make it too too thick because we don’t want it too thick we want it to be nice fine lines tuck them there and then just push that use a little pad here and then just push that out like that until you get that nice flow now from here it is just a matter of running this up there like that and then if you wanted to you could have some little veins coming off you don’t have to be too neat about this because as I’ve seen lots of times nothing in life or in nature is perfect so don’t you just beat yourself up okay so what you might be able to just move that around just a little bit further and then you could perhaps do another one and I might want to have a little leaf there so I can put a leaf there I might like a leaf into there and then take that up like so right up to the top and then when you get to that stage leave it until it’s completely dry and then turn it around and then do all around the base until it’s finished from there what I like to do is I like to put it into the oven and there are full instructions it’s about a hundred and fifty for about fifteen to twenty-five minutes depending on what on what product you were using right from there once that is done and here’s one that I’ve already done and I quite like that I love the silver I think I like that you know how those lines are right from there the next thing to do is to start embellishing with their gloves I’m just going to put that there to stop it move at our would have been better but never mind I haven’t got to tell right I’ll just turn that around there because that’s where I want to start right getting I’m using jean bond glue or craft glue or you could use glass clip glass glue I use the Jean bond because it’s a product that I’m used to using and then with your paintbrush it’s just a matter of putting a fine paintbrush onto the glasses I can’t see and you just put a little dot there because I’m just going to make poor little daisies dot there and then just surround that you only need a little little little bit of this glue that to there and then I’ll put one to the right from there the next thing to do is to get your satay stick and this is why I wanted what you do is you go down onto there you get your little crystal and then you bring that and you carefully put that onto there so much easier doing it this way and maybe I might feel like a little blue but blue flower theater so you just pick from there easy easy easy easy project of just applying your gems and also is going to be a little bit it does take quite a bit of time to get this all done and finish but you just keep going and you can move around for a few minutes but the great thing about this is and I just need to move that across there the great thing with this is that the glue will dry crystal crystal clear keep going working in small seed sections until you’ve got the whole thing done there are no hard and fast rules just whatever suits you so we’ll put that there and the other thing is when you’re applying your gems just keep it lying down so that they don’t move because they will start to move because they are going to be heavier than what that glue is to hold them so you just keep going until the whole thing is finished if you want to put some of the leaves or you wanted to put some little butterflies into it where’s my paintbrush that’s just a matter of getting there putting a tiny little dollop of glue there and then they could just be stuck onto the outside like and as I said it needs to be lying down so that they will stay in position I hope you’ve enjoyed that I hope that this is something that you would like to make perfect gift or stand alone with maybe just single flowers in it I hope I’ve been of assistance and thank you for watching I see another day

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