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What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today I’ve got this dark blue KIA Optima
in the shop. It belongs to a very good friend of the Detail Garage
and she drives this car everyday so it has a lot of oxidation, scratches and swirls. The paint has a lot of contamination so if
you listen carefully…. You can hear that rough sound, that is things
that are stuck in the pores of the paint which makes it feel rough and grimy. First, we need to clay it using our OG Clay
Bar and if you are new to clay, what this is, is a sticky substance that pulls contamination
and fallout from the pores of the paint to give it a slick finish. I’ve already kneaded mine into a paddy. You’re only using two or three fingers and
you’ll need some type of lubricant. This is our Clay Luber, spray it on the surface
and work it back and forth in straight lines. Giving a decent amount of pressure. I’m only going to do a small section over
here to give you guys a demonstration of the clay bar. You can see the junk in this run off and that
is all the crap coming out of the paint to bring back that smooth feeling. When you start claying the surface will feel
kind of rough or the clay bar is dragging but as you make your passes it will pull the
junk from the paint and it will glide and then you can move on. I’m done with this small section so I’ll wipe
off the excess. Using a clean microfiber towel I’ll buff off
in one direction this way I don’t create any new scratches or swirls. The paint feels really smooth which means it is
ready for the next step of the detailing process. The owner of this car, she wants to bring
back the gloss but she doesn’t have the time to get it polished. So what we are going to do is top it off with
a glaze. Our EZ Creme Glaze is going to fill in the
minor scratches and swirls and it is going to make the metallic in this paint really
pop but more importantly it will help protect the paintwork. Now if you listen carefully you can hear the
difference between the clayed side and the non clayed side. So all the contamination on this half of the
hood has been pulled out, we are going to throw on the glaze just to show you guys the
extreme gloss and then I’ll finish off the rest of the vehicle. Over here, I’ve got my TORQ 10FX and a Blue
Pad which is for applying glazes, sealants and waxes. It will produce a very fine layer which makes
it easier for the product to bond to the surface and easier to buff off. Our EZ Creme Glaze, I’ll start by shaking
it up. This is a glaze that enhances shine to really
bring out the metallic and also fills those minor scratches and swirls. First off, I’ve loaded my pad and now I’m
going to blotch it out. Then on the lowest speed setting I’ll spread
it out in an even layer. EZ Creme only takes about fifteen minutes
to bond so after it cures we will buff off the excess. After letting the EZ Creme sit for about fifteen
minutes like I had mentioned I’ll buff it off. You can see this amazing deep reflective shine. It has filled those minor scratches and swirls
and gave it an overall slicker finish. I’m going to finish off the rest of the vehicle,
I need to clay it and apply EZ Creme all over the painted surfaces. It is a big job but luckily for me I’ve got
my buddy Rocky here to help me out. You guys just sit back and enjoy. Alright guys I’m done buffing off the glaze
and the paint looks amazing. The fillers in the EZ Creme took car of the
minor scratches and swirls and it also enhanced the gloss of this blue to make the metallic
really pop. It was a pretty heavy job to take on by myself
but luckily I had Rocky to help me out. We clayed it and that got rid of all the embedded
contaminants to get the paint feeling really smooth and then using glaze it filled the
minor scratches and swirls to make the paint smooth as glass. If you want to learn more about these products you can check them out on our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage. Rocky you’re driving? I thought your license was suspended?


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