How To Have A Solo Art Show – tips for artists

hola you amazing artist it goes a little
something like this I’m having a soul our exhibition I’m having a solo our
decks abyssion recently I was lucky enough to have a solo exhibition and I
was really really successful for me it was nerve-racking I felt like I didn’t
have enough time and most of the time I had no idea what I was doing luckily
along the way I was able to figure a few things out so I’m going to share that
with you now I had my solo exhibition in a gallery
but if you’re not represented by a gallery it doesn’t mean that you can’t
have one basically what you’re going to want to do is find an empty storefront
preferably on a busy street somewhere contact the owner of the building and
see if they’d be willing to rent the storefront to you for a couple days tell
him that during that time you will do whatever repairs you have to do you’ll
paint the building you’ll paint whatever to get it fixed up and that you will
leave it that way a lot of times building owners would prefer to have it
rented out for at least a little while so they get a little bit more exposure
so don’t be afraid to approach somebody that has a building and you might be
able to actually rent something for fairly cheap or even nothing for just a
couple days so you could have your own pop-up gallery showing getting the venue
is one thing but having a successful show that is a different beast all
together the first thing that you’re going to want to do is make sure that
you have enough art to fill the space what I recommend doing is maybe putting
a series together of about 20 or 40 pieces or a couple of series together so
that you have at least a common theme throughout the entire exhibition you’re
going to want to name your exhibition and you’re going to want to have the art
reflect what it is that you name the exhibition I also recommend that you
have at least a couple of pieces that are possibly interactive but most
definitely showstoppers either something that people have not seen from you
before or just something that is going to blow their mind just these amazing
works of art that don’t really serve a purpose other than to intrigue and
inspire our people some way that you could put
something in your show that is completely off the wall and different
than what is in anybody else’s show this will make your show a memorable
experience so that way any shows that you do in the future
people are going to show up the next thing you’re going to want to do is
write out the layout of your location take measurements build little scale
models if you have to that way you know exactly what is going to go where and
how the entire layout is going to be this is really important because a good
art exhibition yes they have art on the walls but there is a flow the most
important thing is the flow walking in through the front door what it is that
you’re hit with and then the next thing and the next thing and the next thing
you want to really really be able to visualize the flow of your work utilize
corners to you want to have these reveals when people go around corners
you want it to be something that around every corner they’re like whoa that’s
awesome think of going a step beyond and really
making this experience an amazing experience a lot of times artists are
putting together an exhibition the only thing they’re concerned about is selling
their art yes your artwork is beautiful and yes they are going to admire your
artwork but give them something more they are making it a point to come out
to your show give them an amazing experience the mood
is set by the flow of the art by the lighting by the music by the food that
you decide to serve there by the drinks that are there and you want to measure
that all out and make it all a very cohesive fun experience it’s really
important if you’re going to have an open bar you’re going to have some kind
of bar you want to know where that flow is going to be where are people going to
bottleneck where is it going to be uncomfortable for people to stand if
they’re standing in line for a drink you want to pay attention to all those
little details now if you have all that covered I think that your show will be
freakin amazing but how do people find out about your show which
are going to want to do is you’re going to want to start advertising at least
two months before the show I’m talking about designing some posters designing
some fliers passing those out putting those in local businesses obviously
social media you want to start posting social media writing a press release and
sending it out to all the media outlets that’s a really good idea for your show
go online and cover event calendars that are in your area most of those are free
to fill out and you you know it doesn’t hurt this is your art show so think of
some out-of-the-box creative crazy ideas that you could do to promote this show
don’t blow it up the first month just start doing a small trickle and then the
week before the actual show that’s when you really really want to start
announcing it now this is important just make people aware that it’s going to
happen don’t beg give them a reason to want to go to your show give them a
reason to walk away and tell other people about it you’ll be able to kind
of guesstimate like how many people are going to come we guesstimated that there
is going to be at least 200 people at my solo exhibition and as it turns out we
had 500 let them just go there and enjoy the work don’t try to hock your artwork
on to them don’t try to like sell them and make a deal with them somebody who
falls in love with a piece they’ll buy it so don’t worry about selling your
work just give them an amazing experience because that’s what it’s all
about it’s about the experience of art and they’re there to experience your art
so enjoy the ride and thank everybody for being there and that’s it guys I
hope that if you’re thinking of putting a solo exhibition together that this at
least helped you somewhat and if you have any questions or any tidbits of
advice that you’d like to add just put them in the comment section below thank
you so much for watching you guys you guys are freaking awesome and if you
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adios you

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