How To Make A Carrot Leaf – Vegetable Carving Art

How To Make A Carrot Leaf — Vegetable Carving
Art Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux and I’m going to teach you guys how to make this beautiful little carrot garnish.
It’s a leaf carved out of carrot, it takes quite a little bit of effort to make but it
looks just stunning, whether you fill this next to your sushi as garnish or whether you
just chuck this into a salad and surprise your guests with miniature carved leaves out
of carrots, or just add them with your steak and chip dinner. These will just elevate your
cooking to a different level, so let’s get straight into making these.
Let’s go. Alright so you begin by taking you carrot and just cutting a nice block of it.
Alright, so you start with a carrot block about 5cm long, and you want to cut just outside
of the core, so just outside of this ring that divides the core from the outer layer
of the carrot, and you do this so you get a nice smooth surface. You see, like this,
it’s nice and smooth. If I was to cut in between the core you get lines and dividers and then
that will show up on your leaf, you don’t want that.
Now you want to cut a block about 1cm thick, that’s 2/5th of an inch, and then you want
to cut this specific pattern, and it looks a little like a gold fish pattern. Pretty
basic, but it’s the beginnings of a leaf. So there you go, now all these little extra
pieces of carrot, don’t worry you can use them inside a sauce recipe, for example a
carrot sauce that I made before, a video link just appeared on the top left corner of the
screen. Alright, now to carve the leaf what you want
to do is just carve a line through the middle at a slight curve and this will be the vein
of the leaf. You do this by first cutting one straight cut into it and then another
cut at 45° angle which will join into it, and basically you just pull it out.
Now, to carve a sort of zigzag pattern, what you do is you press in your knife and then
you pull out and then you move it forward at a 45° angle you join to the other cut
you just made, and then where the second cut started you push down again and then you move
out and do another 45° angle cut and going it together. And then you just keep doing
the same pattern until you’ve covered the entire leaf.
Once you’ve cut this zigzag pattern what you want to do now is lay it down a cutting board
and you just want to join up the top end of your zigzags with the central vein you cut
out a second ago. Once you’ve connected that you want to do some very precise cuts going
at about 40° angle down and joining up to the cut you just made, it will make it look
more 3D. Once you’ve carved about the 45° to 30°
angle slices that make the leaf look more three-dimensional you’re basically done, now
you have the option of doing the leaf on the other side, the same pattern, but really because
I lay it down flat on a plate most of the time, I don’t bother doing the other side
of the carrot. But you can do that and then you could use it in say salad or something
where you have them and toss them inside something, then you can see both sides of the leaf, which
would be awesome. Alright so now you’ve finished carving your
carrots into beautiful little leaf patterns, you should cook them a little bit so they
are a little bit more tender and more edible, and obviously add a little bit of flavor.
So what I like to do is just add them to some Dashi Stock. The Dashi Stock is a great way
to add flavor to these carrots for any seafood dish like sushi or fish or any kind of fish
dish, but if you want to use them for poultry or steak you can just use chicken stock or
beef stock instead. I hope you all enjoyed this video, how to
make these beautiful little carrot leafs and I urge you all to give this a try at home,
even if it’s just with your standard every day roast chicken or steak and chips, add
these carrots as boiled carrots instead of the normal boiled carrots, or you could add
these inside of pea soup. Imagine the bright green color of the pea soup with these carrot
leaf islands, just the contrasting colors between the bright green and the bright orange
will blow your mind alone. So give that a try, that’s an awesome idea.
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Well good luck and see you guys next week. END


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