How to Make a Linocut | Printmaking | Kurk Kurk

In this video you will learn about one
of the printmaking techniques as well as how to make a lino cut. Let’s begin! You will need: carbon paper, a sketch, linoleum, marker, pencil, lino cutter handle, lino
cutters, knife, scissors, ruler and scotch tape. First, make a one centimeter border
around your sketch. This way your linocut will have more support. After you cut out
your sketch mark a plot of the appropriate size on the linoleum. Next, cut out the shape using a knife. Take your carbon paper and place it on
the linoleum glossy side down. Now, put your sketch on top and secure
everything in place using scotch tape. Next, using a pencil start tracing your
sketch so that it transfers onto linoleum. When that’s done, take all the
layers off. It’s time to begin cutting! For larger areas use wider liner cutters,
for smaller areas use narrower lino cutters. Make sure to keep your other
hand out of the way from the lino cutters, so you don’t get injured. You
don’t have to cut the linoleum too deep – only to reveal the raised (uncarved) areas. When you’re done with the cutting
process, you can cover your lino cut with paint and make prints.

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