How To Make A Perfect Cheat Sheet Pen (ARTS & CRAFTS)

forest time in a minute longer You, guys, how to make a, pen that can help you pass almost, any test so i figured out, how htty this
pen when i was in my first year of college and It really helped me through a lot of hard times so i figure if i show You guys how to make it today it could help you also, so basically all you really need is a printer and this type of pen you find them on amazon and i put a link to them in the description so check them out and you’ll see kind of what i mean. So what I have here is The the type of pen and it could be any kind of pen that has the grey semi-transparent Tube to it and it’s got to be semi-transparent because you’re Gonna, be putting the cheat sheet inside of the pen so anyone could put a cheat sheet in a Pen but there’s a couple important steps you need to follow, to make sure it’s as discreet as possible and the way We’re, going to be making it today it’s gonna
Be so that only the person holding it Within a foot of their face will be able to tell that there’s writing and be able to read it because you don’t want like A teacher or anyone who’s like, three feet away, from you walking past you to be able to look at your
pen and tell that it’s got all the answers in it So the first thing you’re, gonna need to do is to go into your program and create the cheat sheet And i’m going to be using focus have to do this but i have used wordpad before Which is a free program that comes with windows Ok, so when you open up photoshop or wordpad for example photoshop is gonna be easier for me because i can Actually put the measurements of the cheat sheet which is gonna have to be exactly the length and size of the pen so First thing you do is go to image image size and then here you’ll have You’ll have to set it to inches and make the width Three point eight and the height About set point seven one and then make sure the resolution is 576 or maybe even higher but it doesn’t really matter so then hit, ok, and here you’re, gonna put some text inside here and Make the color close to maybe gray but, also closer to white so that’s separate, from the color and then, we would put two? times two equals Four, which would be the cheat answers for example and So that’s kind of what you would, do but just to show You, guys i already have it set up and here i already typed out the first paragraph of the declaration of independence or the first couple paragraphs and What i did was i started shifting them upward to get rid of the big spaces in between them because Those, gray, lines will actually make it look, like writing from far away and you don’t want to look Like that you just want to look like a, weird pattern or blend together actually so then you move it up like that and Take the next one and just shook them together as close as you can without them being on top of each other and Just, keep going, like that alright, and then just finish it all up like that and You’ll have these words so what i did was i already printed it out and so here is the cheat sheet let me see if i can get it to focus on it So you can see that this is the cheat sheet with all the cheat words on it and then i took it And i rolled it up see how it’s like sort of curled So now you have to take your pen and pop the top off And then you’re, going to take this part out So that you only have This part of the pen right then Make, sure you have the First line right here fold it a little bit curl it and Put it inside And if the sizes are perfect it’ll will actually Go, along Evenly, make sure you have it all straight then take it and what i usually do is i take this part and i push the? rest in So that goes all the way in so now. I have this pen like that i put the pen part back in Then i take the cap Pop that on and then you put the cap on and now you have About three or four paragraphs of information all on your pen and from far away Have it right next to me you, can’t tell that there’s, any writing it just looks, like, maybe a glare from the light or Something, like that and if you got close you, would be able to read it If it would focus You can, see the words But from far away you know, no teacher is gonna get all up on your on your hand and inspect Your, pen so this is the perfect Place for a cheat sheet because, no one really checks pens the only, way, they can really stop People from doing this is if they Check all the pens and if they start handing out pens that you have to use for the test, which would be really weird This, never, failed, me i remember i passed french french 101 and 102 and a bunch of other things i put like algebra formulas or calculus formulas on it and And if you can’t fit all the information you need on one pen bring 10 pens nobody gives a shit how Many, pens you have so you Can always have it as much information as you need, another thing i used to do was After i was done taking the test and using the pen i would give the pen to one of my friends and let them finish The test with the pen because you’re allowed to share pens during, a, test nobody cares about that pens are very overlooked part of taking tests and And that’s how i passed most of my classes you Need, to keep in mind that if you get caught the you get in a lot of trouble in college you can probably get expelled For cheating you’ll get a lot of trouble you’ll fail a class automatically And stuff like that so you have to be prepared to Hide the pen in a place that you never really intended to put a pen It’s really important but you have to think about it what’s worse Having a pen inside you or getting kicked out of a class for having a cheat sheet It’s it’s a no-brainer really if you, ask, me i would have, no problem doing it it’s the small things you know You know a little bit of work will get you a long, way You just have to be uncomfortable for a little, while It might be pretty uncomfortable sitting in the rest of the class With a pen inside you but At least you’re, not gonna fail the test and at least you’re not gonna fail the entire semester of class so Yeah, i figured with, tests coming up or with tests happening right now in schools this would really help you, guys and i want to help all of you, pass so that you can go on get great jobs and Support. Your families and stuff like that so because nobody really cares if you study everyone always forgets what they study or at least i Always forgot what i studied like as soon as the test, was over my? Brain kind of wiped it all out so i figured, what’s, what’s the big deal about just having out My pen it’s no different than, my memory, but it’s just on my pen and another thing you to keep in mind is Nobody cares if you’re, staring at your pen because your pen is in front of the test so i mean you just sit there spinning the the pen while you take the test i Mean don’t don’t pull the pen up in front of you like This and you start reading it and then go back to writing just keep it in your hand While you’re writing and you can you can look at it read it right you just You can probably not even look at the paper and just write everything you read It’s probably one of the best cheat, pens i’ve ever made It’s probably one of the best ways to how to cheat cheat i mean you can get tattoos but Those are permanent you don’t want to tattoo a cheat sheet on you although i’m pretty sure if you Did they couldn’t get mad at You for it and maybe they could make you, wear long sleeves but if they make you Wear long sleeves they’d have to make everyone else, wear long sleeves otherwise, they’re discriminating against you for having tattoos If i had the periodic table tattooed on my arm you know Should i have to cover that up i mean i’m not gonna have to memorize the periodic table of elements because it’s Tattooed on my arm That is my memory, my, body knows it so? it’s not really cheating is it But but that’s a i just wanted to show. You guys how, to do this so that you could you know benefit from it and If you get caught i didn’t tell you to do this If you, liked the video give it a. Thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you next time and good luck with your tests Best of luck i hope all of you, pass your tests i don’t really see how, you can fail if everything Is written on a pen so i’ll see you next time you


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