How to Make Prints of Your Artwork

hey everybody it’s me justice and I’m here today to show you guys how to make prints of your artwork so lately a lot of artists have been coming up to me and going hey how do you get your prints me and I’ve been telling it to them you know I’ve been trying my best to explain it in a way that makes sense and then I realized people are also asking me online and I’m not really sure how to explain it just by typing it down so now I’m making a video and hopefully this video is helpful to some or all somebody hopefully as helpful so anyway here hanging up next to me on this wall is a painting that I recently did it it’s anyone can is acrylic paint and you got apply all wonder a cockeyed from this to this so and if you weren’t wondering you should turn this video off now cause you probably don’t care about when I’m gonna say so anyway if you’re wondering why I got from here to here then I’m going to answer your question if I actually want to take a picture of this with your camera now you can use a high quality camera or if you get yourself home honestly you can you just want to make sure you crop the pictures you have to crop your photos because you don’t want people to see the wall I don’t want people to see the wall as I’m trying to show them the art so you want to get the wall out of there or if it’s leaned up against something crop it out once you crop it you will then place your images on a jump drive and after that you just take it to a print store now I know you guys just like print store what print store where where am I going to go well it depends on where you live you can go to a local print shop which could be great for you if you like supporting local businesses a local presto perfect for you to go get your print speed at if there are no local print businesses around you then you can go to a chain place like Office Depot or Kinkos something of that nature to get your prints done so when you go into the store you’re gonna want to tell them a couple of things you’re not first want to say hey I like to get my prints done and you want to know you know you want to know what size you want and if you don’t know what size you want they can tell you they can tell you the list of sizes and prices and I will tell you the price goes up by besides so this is eight and a half by eleven which is one of the smaller sizes and as you can see it is well it has a glare that’s glossy paper but you want to get glossy paper because it looks really nice and it’s pretty heavy so it isn’t so cheap or anything like that perfect for framing or because hanging up on the wall like a poster doesn’t really matter but pretty much you want to make sure you ask for a heavy paper and glossy paper something sort of like a poster it’s better that way so other than that if you do want to get prints elsewhere you can go online to this to print or society6 and your prints that way they’ll come free to your house wherever you have customers and an online store to send up straight to them whatever works this different is also perfect for business cards coffee mugs postcards too so just depends on what you’re in the mood for oh think that’s about it everything off this video helped someone I mean that was the whole point right so if you like this video please comment below tell me your thoughts where do you go get your prints to you I’d love to hear that because maybe I want to try something new um yeah so comment below share this video share it with someone share with your friends share with our friends or our teachers share with somebody because I need somebody to watch this um yeah I don’t want people to just not watch it so watch this video like it comment share um oh and by my artwork by my damn artwork Wyatt no I’m kidding you’ll have to buy it please share this video bye guys

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