How to Mono-Type Print. (Printmaking)

I’ve been known to do things that other artists just don’t do monotype printmaking this is a little bit different from mono prints in basically the process but the same result you only get one print and it is uniquely printmaking doesn’t look like any other process rolling up some black ink today I’ve got here a plate that are usually use for dry point I’m rolling ink on that you can use all sorts of things but I want to put this through the press and so this is durable enough not to a Snapple break if I was to use glass or perspex up and go through the press so well don’t necessarily need a press okay my cotton buds this is what I find probably the best to do this because it serve takes off well whatever you want to be white and if you’ve done any line I can’t saw if you’ve drawn with a white pencil on black paper you sort of basically know the process of drawing in Reverse but it smears around and as I say it gives a very unique look you know what’s your fingers are you get your fingers on this you look like a kid that’s being either licorice use other objects is really easy into the paintbrush or black pencil just to scrape away fine details and I’m doing a Medusa today okay now put them in the press turn that will you fat bastard God and you’d lose some weight so is this the sort of printing that I really should be doing but one off the print but as I say looks unique in itself not like any other process well if you enjoyed this why don’t you have a look at our monoprinting and the monoprint a different way of doing it which don’t need a press and very simple click on this link

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