How to paint straight lines perfectly

if you’ve ever tried to paint a straight line on a wall you know how difficult it can be to get a nice crisp edge especially on textured walls here’s Chris with a great technique for getting laser sharp edges using a technique I’ve never seen before this is Christiana home painter in this video I’m gonna show you bare morals how to paint a laser straight line on this textured wall right here using a few simple items now your going to need is some painters masking tape some frog tape gonna need a caulking gun some clear caulking and you’re gonna need a paintbrush so stay tuned for this simple tip of painting laser straight lines on a wall and on your trim so making a laser straight line on your wall or on your trim where it meets the wall is a very simple process and we’re going to be using you can use just frog tape and frog tape when paint actually begins to bleed through the tape under the surface it has a product that actually swells and stops the bleeding and will give you straight lines we’ve had really good luck with frog tape on smooth surfaces like glass and metal but when you’re dealing with a wall and anything rough it’s a good idea to use this method we’re actually using to assure that you get a laser straight line and we’re going to be using you can either use frog tape or masking tape but we typically like to ensure an ultra laser straight line we like to use just frog tape and the caulking so I’m going to begin the process by showing you on this wall our laser straight line and we’re gonna just put some frog tape on this wall right here so this gonna so just friends since if this was gonna be we’re gonna be doing a stripe on this wall I’ve got my tape on there and now with frog tape I can go go over this and I can paint it now and you’re gonna get a fairly straight line a lot better than you’re gonna get just using straight masking tape because of that technology the frog tape has in it where it actually swells but to ensure that it’s completely sealed this is where the caulking comes in play and now we’re going to use our clear caulking to go over this so I’m going to show you this step now this is where the secret of getting a laser straight line comes into play so we got our frog tape on the wall here in for instance this could be strife in a bedroom or this could be your trim where it meets the wall but say we’re trying to make a laser straight line in a kid’s bedroom now I’m going to be painting this side this is where my wall color is gonna stay but I’ll be painting this side so I’m gonna take and just put a nice small bead of caulking right over with this edge of my tape is my frog tape now I’m gonna take that and I’m gonna wipe off and let’s just push it down and wipe off all this excess and what you’re actually doing is pushing that clear caulking and smearing it right along the edge of your frog tape right here to actually add an additional seal to that frog tape and part of this the key of this process is is to not let that clear caulking dry before you paint it you’re gonna want to paint over that before it dries and then the next very key step is to actually pull your tape before the paint dries or the caulking drives because if you leave it set on there and the paint dries what happens if you’re using a satin paint the paint is gonna bridge from the tape to the wall and when you go to peel off your tape you could pull off some of the actual paint and it’s gonna leave a jagged line so the key steps do this is the smear on the clear caulking and getting try to get all of it off all you want is just that edge seal right there and get all the excess of that coffee now just wipe it on a wet rag I like to actually use a wet rag wipe the excess coughing that I have on a wet rag and then begin the painting process and don’t do too much coughing if you’re doing a whole lot of area or a lot of lines or a lot of trim if you do too much and the caulking dries before you get to painting it then the process isn’t going to work so now well my caulking is still wet I’m going to begin the painting process and when I’m actually doing painting over the tape I don’t actually like to roll over it I like to actually use a brush because the brush isn’t gonna push it underneath the tape either or force it underneath the tape I just brush over the top of it and it’s gonna cruise I long Russell top of this make sure it’s completely covered 100% and then you’re gonna pull your tape off I’m going to show you what it looks like I’ll pull my tape off right here and there’s my laser straight line right there and this is you can’t see it the video but this is a orange peel and textured wall so it’s a pretty rough wall and there you have a straight line and one of the key things is that clear caulking and some of the clear caulking may bleed underneath the tape but since its cleared you’ll see it it’s gonna be white but it actually dries clear so it goes underneath the parts of the tape that’s raised that can’t seal itself over this rough surface so that’s another key element to this whole copy process is using clear coughing here’s a closer look of the actual line I just painted it’s still wet you can see the roughness to the wall and yet that line is still laser sharp so once again just to go over just getting these laser straight lines you have a couple options you can use the frog tape that’s the foolproof method frog tape and clear caulking the frog tape is extremely expensive it’s typically over $5 a roll this painters masking tape that we use right here is approximately a dollar roll the dollar turning 20 a roll so it’s gonna save you a lot of money we’ve had a lot of success actually just using this tape and clear caulking and pointin up and having laser straight lines but if you want to guarantee yourself those straight lines on really rough surfaces the frog tape is even just a little bit more assurance but either way it’s gonna give you a good straight line so hope you’ve enjoyed this simple painting hack how to paint straight lines on your walls in your trim if you want more of my simple tips and tricks on YouTube come visit my channel the idaho painter and don’t forget please leave your comments right below how you go about painting straight lines on your walls or trim here at the home and garden for mere mortals we love to hear your comments cuz it’s just gonna make us a lot better painters it’s time again for the home craft chronicles if you ever had a mishap like this well patch it a hole in drywall is really not as complicated as it may seem and I’m going to show you just how quick and easy it can be I’m just gonna take my straightedge make a few lines

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