How to Paint with Acrylics : Painting on Glass With Acrylics

Hi! This is Brenda and today we are working
on our acrylic painting project. For this project today I have chosen a piece of glass
that we are going to paint on with our acrylic paint. I have got my brushes, my different
colors, my little plastic tray to hold our acrylic paint and we are ready to begin. Now
you can choose any piece of glass that you would like, just make sure that it is clean
and for this project I am just going to be putting some little flowers on it. So I am
just going to make a dot like this and may be some dots down here like this as you can
tell, its kind of a simple little design like this, then I want to go back and put in some
leaves so they will look like flower like this and this is beginning really to kind
of look like a rose and if you get the project and you just look at it and you think I really
do not like what I have done, all you have to do is get some rubbing alcohol and that
would take off all the paint that you have done and you can just start over. If you would
like to you can put some marbles inside and some silk flowers or candle and like I said,
if you don’t like what you have done just get some acrylic paint or some finger nail
polish remover and you can remove what you have done and just begin all over again.


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