How to Put Pictures of Artwork on T-Shirts : DIY Crafts

[Music] hi I’m Linda Pachi Pachi designs and today I’m going to show you how to put pictures of artwork on your t-shirt so we’re going to do that today with t-shirt transfers now if you’re using a light colored shirt you will need to purchase t-shirt transfers for light colored shirts if you’re doing it on a dark t-shirt you have to purchase t-shirt transfers for dark t-shirts today I’m going to show you how to apply it to a light t-shirt and one thing to remember when you’re designing your image if there are any words or if the image is supposed to look exactly the way it does on the screen when you print it on your transfer paper you will need to reverse the image you’ll need to do a mirror image and flip it for instance if we had something like this what the kale I would print it out flipped because when I iron it on it’ll come right side up now the difference between this paper and the other paper for dark t-shirts these have a transparent background you know you will end up trimming around your image because you don’t want all this extra paper on your t-shirt but this will blend in with the t-shirt if you’re doing a dark t-shirt it’s almost like you’re printing on sticker paper and you print the right side up and so there’s a white background to it it’s not translucent so okay so I have this design here see now in this case I don’t mind that it’s if it’s mirrored or not but I have these flowers so I’m going to trim a bit of the excess paper away I mean even though it’s transparent you will see a little bit of that edge so you want to get rid of some of that that paper okay so here we go now you want to iron on a hard smooth surface so I’ve put a pillowcase over a a chopping board and you want all the wrinkles out of your t-shirt you want your iron set on medium and no steam make sure there’s no steam think outside the box think outside the t-shirt here these flowers I think would look really cool coming up from the bottom of the t-shirt so that’s where I’m going to place it so I’m going to have these flowers coming up from the bottom of my t-shirt so I place my transfer on my shirt the packet usually comes with a piece of parchment I’m going to place that over my transfer again my iron is set to medium no steam so I now have my transfer on the t-shirt and you want to press down on your transfer you want to give the iron some weight you want to really adhere that transfer to the t-shirt and this is a medium it’s on medium heat no steam so you kind of do it horizontal and then vertical so look how nice this looks on the bottom of the t-shirt here and not something just centered so you know think about where you’re placing your transfers here’s another one I had done of Magnolia flowers and I put it off to the side and a little one down here on the bottom you know do something on the sleeve do on the back going off the shoulder have some fun so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial this is Linda foxy appacha designs and happy ironing bye-bye [Music] you [Music]

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