How to set the press for printmaking

I was asked the question how to set the press that there might be some sort of secret to it for etching I’ll show you how I set this press and then we might look at some other presses because they’re not all the same this is probably my favorite press and I like of course I said it by feel you feel when it’s right before we go I don’t give you a little example want you to imagine major scroll the paper here is a big thick heavy lump of steel really heavy now if I was to lift it like that just imagine it’s really heavy a lot straining there’s a lot of strain there and so I like tension in my arms when I rest it on the blanket there I’m relaxed there’s no tension at all then when I press down like that a gay tension so those are three stages that your press goes through when you’re setting the press so let’s have a look at press down so if I wind up rolls like that right now these big threads two screws holding it up and when you want you feel this bit of pressure there by one and the same time down gets to a point where it hits the blanket when it hits that blanket looks dead pressure there goes loose loose so that’s the bit where it’s just resting on the blanket so there’s now no pressure on this thread to pull it up when I put pressure to push it down so when I set the press I put the plate underneath there whether it’s a thick plate a thin plate by collagraph plate and I just want down till it gets to that just that really loose to see there starts gaining on it you always throw it like that now I usually give it only three-quarters of a turn but if you have press similar to that might be half a turn and then that is set right for printing what I like to do is like to bring it back to that that stage I’ll leave the press like that when I’m not using it right because I feel sorry first let’s have a look at another press so here’s a table top press what I tend to do this one is I even it up as much as I can if I can so see that just indents the blanket slightly and then I give it a couple of turns it’s also it has a guru ler either side the reason I do that I don’t do the same is because it’s got a counter spring lifting it up I’ll show you on this side so you see here there’s a fixed spring here which is pushing that up and say I have to push down to counteract that spring let’s at the end of the day when I finished printing with this one what I tend to do is just lift it up and the higher here lift this roller the easier these things are to turn and because the springs pushing it up inside make sure it just clears the blankets evening turn like that so I’ll leave that one at rest so I hope that’s helpful if you’ve got any other questions about printmaking I’m not the wealth of all knowledge but I’d give it a go at answering it the best of my knowledge so yeah just drop a comment below and let us know what questions you might want to answer about printmaking if I can I’ll answer it if not I’ll research it – next time [Music] you [Music]

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