How to use Microsoft Paint

hello everyone this is d-22 with you today from D 22 responses with another how to use tutorial now I’m gonna teach you how to use windows paint now this is the version for windows 7 because that’s what I currently have on my computer right now but if you want to see how it’s used watch this video right here you can also go to a previous tutorial about a paint software tutorial on Windows XP and there’s a link to that in the description but it’s for someone else I didn’t usually do that because I wasn’t able to get the software when I had Windows XP before but anyways moving on so this is your standard layout for the paint user face or interface sorry user face I use your face anyways we are gonna go through each of these in order so you have these tabs here called home and view we’re gonna just go to where it says home first and where it usually is it that it has pasted and it has all your commands so you can go paste or paste from if you’ve copied something previously now I basically copied something from a video thumbnail I did a print screen so if you want a picture of something you just press on the Print Screen key and then you just paste it in to your paint like what I did here with my friend Jamal the comic so this is normally how I import still photos from YouTube if I wanted to use a thumbnail from something I just go print screen then put it into paint or put it into Photoshop I use Adobe Photoshop for higher-end editing in photos but I also use paint as a generic standard for it so that’s one command that you learn for me today so what you can do is you can either cut it out or paste it in and you can also use what’s called the crop function you can just either press ctrl shift X or you can just click the crop button here and what you can do is you can set your dimensions and then you click crop so that it crops it properly and that’s how you crop something and then you can go into where it says resized and then you can change the size by other percentage or by pixel so let’s say we can go to let’s say 722 so we’ll go to ok and then it has to tell you please enter a valid number between 1 and 504 percentage so go 500 so what it does is that increases the size of the image 500 by 500 and then to see it all you would just press the magnifying glass tool and you’d magnify it even further and you can also zoom out with that so those are the basis things you can do and you can also do a race where you can erase certain parts of the picture you can take the eyedropper and absorb a color Paint Bucket you can fill up a lot of things with that select your color and then Bob’s your uncle there so and they also have shapes so for this new version they have shape functions where you can enter shapes like this like there’s my one two pentagon so what we’re gonna do is we are going to fill up this with solid color so we’ll go to our paint bucket tool and there we filled up our Pentagon and you can do the same for arrows rectangles word bubbles thought bubbles stars and down arrow so those are pretty useful if you want to do like a little snippet of a picture that you want to say click Subscribe you can use the arrow to point down there it’s really neat and they have more shapes so a lightning bolt yeah that’s pretty useful and then you can also rotate the image like so and a lot of things you can rotate the entire image like that and then he can go back so it’s pretty amazing what you can do in this newer version of paint you can also go to the View tab here and you can set your zoom we can set rulers so it measures exactly how you want things and gridlines where you can have gridlines here so that each and every pixel can be detailed which is really neat now a lot of you may know how to use this already so this tutorial is for people that don’t have an understanding of paint and want to use it on Windows 7 so it’s really cool how you can get this function in so what do you do when you’re let’s say done a picture so what you do is you go here that’s like the new file button then you could go save and then they would just ask you to save it as anyway so you would go save as and then it gives you the type of pictures you can save it to PNG JPEG BMP gif or other formats so it gives you a plethora of options on what you can select there and you can also print and take something from a scanner or cameras and it is an email you could also set what you made as a desktop background so that’s really neat about this new version of paint in Windows 7 that allows you to customize and put it on your screen if you really like what you’ve done and then you can just go to the properties of it and it’ll give you the image properties exact height colors dpi that sort of mumbo-jumbo and then you can select the types of brushes you want whether it be fine tipped like so and you can also set the size like so and then we’re just gonna zoom in a bit here just to show you how everything is so we’re gonna go back to our brushes so calligraphy brush pen tool fine tip pen and you can just highlight it there calligraphy brush airbrush yeah you can set the size of the airbrush I believe that’s normally that’s normally how it would go then you can also go watercolor brush so it enhances a lot of things now this is just just scribbles and drawings but this watercolor brush really makes your pictures come to life if you know how to use it I’m no artist but I know how to use it and also a felt pen felt-tipped pen that’s really neat and also crayon they have crayon here now that is pretty amazing crayon oil brush and then a calligraphy brush so let’s say you’d like doing calligraphy and you have a tablet attached to your computer and then you want to write stuff that’s what you can do watercolor brush oh natural pencil crayon so that’s really neat and you can integrate it with your tablet so that if you have an input and output device that is hooked up to your computer you can use those brushes to create really intricate drawings but if you’re pretty skilled with the mouse you can do that too so that’s just a simple basis of it all now to go and see everything from its entire stance you can go full screen and then it shows you everything full screen now mind you this is just scribbles and experimentation of shapes but it gives you a sort of foundation on how to use paint so we’ll escape that and then you can set it as thumbnails you can go zoom out 100% and vice versa and then when you’re done everything you just save it and close it so that’s just a small tutorial on how to use the new paint from windows 7 and I find that this has a lot more features than most of the previous versions of paint so it definitely is something that is a useful tool and yeah if you have any questions about it feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can so get filled for life and I’ll respond to you another time good bye for now

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