Humber Art Commons Overview

(upbeat pop music) – This building is changing
things really, really quickly. The projects that are underway, or even collaborations
with people on the outside, have been made possible simply because we’re physically here. – It’s expanded on its
initial, I guess, construction. The space is more of an art studio now. – The ground floor studios
are really flexible, so you can go in and make the space what you need to make it. – This gives me a nice expansive space with a sink, easels, everything’s in here. – There’s a lot that we can
do through the building. It’s a perpetual gallery space, exhibitions flipping over all the time. You know, we had the street artists coming in and doing murals. It’s been really great in that students are making this place a bit
of a home for themselves. – It kind of brings everybody together and we can give each other feedback and give each other support as well. So, having this space is
very all-encompassing. – To see them here hanging out, they’re building a culture for themselves, which is really awesome. – Having our art on display, and even the big display on here, I’m always seeing people
stopping and looking at the art. So, it’s a constant presence
in everybody’s life. – I constantly ask myself, “How is the public gonna perceive my art? “Are they gonna like it? “Will they get it?” With the piece outside, I
didn’t have to say anything and they instantly got it,
and that’s sort of the goal. – Community members are obviously
really, really interested to see what they’re coming out with because we experience the same
kind of day-to-day reality and it’s exciting to
see how a new generation of artists is interpreting that reality. – I’m totally new to this area. After now living here and experiencing everything,
it’s exhilarating. From the people to the work to the art, it’s a whole different experience. (upbeat pop music)

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