“I Can’t Draw” – Lynda Barry

[Skeletor laugh] I am not a big buff dude that anyone can tell when look at me But I am definitely a big buff dude in my mind Most people decided they couldn’t draw at about the age of 8 between 8 and about 10 and..right when they realized they couldn’t draw a nose or hands Those are the two things that make people think “Oh I can’t draw” And then, They think they are washed up But if you think about comics If you think about…like Bart Simpson With a hyper-realistic nose or hyper-realistic hands That would be horrible I’m always interested in walking people back Into drawing But sort of un-hitching it from having to pull the wagon of art But more of drawing as this way of thinking So this idea of faces, for example Human beings have evolved With a lot of sort of instincts, and one of them is to Recognize upright faces We even recognize faces that aren’t faces It’s called Pareidolia We gonna do just some sort of hairdos So a common hairdo. When the 1960s…this was a real common hairdo You can just do a common hairdo like that But hair can also just be sort of scribbled Alright, now we come to the part of the face that people flip out about, which is the nose But anything that’s in the nose position is gonna read as a nose Write a letter of the alphabet…in the nose area sort of punctuation mark or hashtag or @ sign draw some little object, I don’t know what it might be And then some little scribble mark so eyes normally people make them sort
of almond-shaped it’s like a basic human eye but eyes can also be really big put them anywhere you want So just make a variety of eyes so a traditional
way of doing a mouth especially a girl’s mouth you know we’ve got the lips with
that Cupid’s bow at the top and that’s like a standard mouth but mouths can
also be this just a wiggly line they can be little whoa, but make any kind of
mouth you want The eyebrow is the cartoonists’ trick. So we can see that this girl this woman here has her teeth and stuff but she has sort of a
sort of a bland look in her eyes But guess what she hates you I always ask my students to
look at the drawings that we made and figure out which ones drunk. which one is kind of in love with you but you’re not feeling it and they’re very disappointed which one is experiencing painful urination you can see it right? Once somebody knows how to draw really well what that usually means is they know
what not to draw because they can’t draw that so they’re in a funny way they’re
stuck but people who are just beginning they have no idea what they can and
can’t draw and that’s why I like to have them sitting side by side with each
other because it’s the people that gave up on drawing that bring the most lively
line to the class and it’s a huge help for the people who “can draw”


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