I Made The Amazing 700-Year-Old Sugar Painting From China

– The body of the dragon Oh, I’m so nervous! (Inga claps hands) Oh, I’m so nervous. (upbeat jazzy music) Hey guys, it’s Inga. So last time, I made Dragon’s Beard candy. Today, I’m gonna try painting with sugar. Sugar painting has been
around for centuries, it is this amazing art
form, where people use sugar to paint different characters, anything from rabbits,
to monkeys, to dragons. When I was traveling around China, I saw these artists on the streets, and I thought it was
the most amazing thing. I am not really an artist, I don’t even have a recipe for this, so, I’m just gonna be winging it. It’s gonna be great. (Inga claps hands)
Sugar painting. First things first! I’ve no idea what sugar I’m gonna use, so I’m just going to
test out different types, and different ratios. For our first attempt, we’re gonna go with one cup of rock sugar,
and one cup of water. I think I’m supposed to
boil the water first. (energetic music) Here we go. (cellophane crinkles) I feel like we need a little bit more. I’m supposed to continue stirring this. (dynamic repeating music) Now it’s looking a lot stickier. Do you see that? I hope it means I’m on the right track. Yeah, I’m gonna turn it down now. I’m just wondering if it’s
supposed to bubble this much. It doesn’t look like the right color. Did I overcook it? Oh my God, it is crystallizing. (bell dings) I failed. Let’s go for round two. (swoosh) Round two. We are gonna do one cup of
sugar and two cups of water. Fingers crossed. I’m gonna go with white sugar this time. I’m not gonna stir it. We’ll see how that goes. So right now, we have
sticky, gooey looking liquid. It’s not quite the right color, but it’s better than our first attempt. It’s somehow… I’ll
put it into cold water, Oh, that’s hot. Tastes good, but I don’t think it’s
what we’re looking for. I can’t really draw with this. This is not how it’s supposed to be. (bell dings) We have failed yet again. I don’t know what to
do to make this right. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If I can’t figure out this sugar, how can I get to painting? We’re gonna end it here, and try something different. Yeah we can cut. (beeping) I am freaking out right now,
because we were gonna give up for the day, and I cut all the cameras, so I’m on my phone right now, but look at this! Look at this color! Oh my God, I am so excited right now. One second, I’m gonna pour it out. Here we go, whoa! (jazzy music) Oh my God, this is gonna
be such a good shot. It’s so beautiful! (metallic scraping) Look at this (knife clinks on marble) We’re gonna break it apart, like (knife clinks on marble) It tastes like what I had. I am so excited. So I broke them into little pieces, you can see right there. And now I am going to
reset everything back up, clean all the dishes, and we’re gonna start painting, yay! (whooshing) So we’re rolling again. I have my sugar candy
bits in this Mason jar. You could totally eat this as is. It smells really good. I’m just gonna melt it on low heat, this might take a while. (jazzy guitar music) Does it look like drawing consistency? I think so, I think we might be ready. My main goal today, is to draw a dragon. That is like the ultimate goal. But, we’re gonna have to
do some practicing first. I should probably start
with something easier. Let’s try. (fast jazzy guitar music) This is me trying to draw a butterfly. That’s the easiest thing I can think of. (Inge laughs) This is a bad butterfly. I wanted to go from this to a dragon., I think we’re being very optimistic here. Uh. I know it’s not much to
look at, but it’s my first. Please bear with me. (metal tapping) Ohh, this is the first of it’s kind. This could belong to like MOMA, right? (whooshing) Let’s do this. (fast cheerful guitar music) Yay. Oh my God, I’m so close, a little bit more, just a little bit more! Okay this one looks a little
bit more like a butterfly. (hands clapping) I’m scared. (metallic scraping) Oh! What’s the best way? Oh! Does it look like a butterfly? We’re slowly getting there. This is so stressful. (whooshing) It is about time for me
to really go out there and do the dragon. (slow trumpet music) Only got one shot, so, let’s try. (dramatic ominous orchestral music) Oh, I’m so nervous. (hands clapping) Oh, I’m so nervous! (metallic scraping) Come on! (dramatic percussive orchestral music) I don’t even know if I can lift it up. Oh…oh. (dramatic choral and orchestral music) (gasping breath) So this is what we have so far, now the challenge is to pick it up. I am so nervous right now. I don’t even know where to start (jazzy saxophone music) (metal clinks) (gasping breath) (laughing) Oh my God, oh my God! Here we go. It’s all or nothing. (dramatic orchestral fanfare) Guys! I can’t believe I did it! It’s a friggin dragon. I’m like so scared I’m gonna drop it. (squeals with delight) I can’t believe I actually did what I thought was impossible. I definitely burned the
sugar towards the end. Definitely a lot of room for improvement, but I’m pretty satisfied. I would love to know what you
guys want me to make next. And see y’all next time. We did it! (upbeat jazzy guitar music)


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