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I didn’t even absent our world existed before I accidentally landed in it I’m able to tell a story through food which doesn’t necessarily have that aspect in those cases I’m Liz joy Murray I am a sugar artist and content creator and founder of inspired to taste I love exploring any type of sugar art so everything from cookies to pies to cakes macaroons name it I love pies especially because they almost always feel wistful you’re drawn in by you know the shiny gooey awesome filling so it’s almost like a through the looking-glass effect which has rocked out a bit more the fantasy design and the storybook aspect and the whole narrative I very very much enjoy the whole ideation and brainstorming process and I get super excited about putting it together one of the fun things about pies is you have a set round canvas I always know that I want to build into that shape and that frame I was actually looking at I did illustrations and children’s storybooks trying to come up with curved ideas so I thought a man in the moon would be so cool I then make handmade templates since I don’t recreate designs but I like to start each design with a very loose blueprint idea once I have the cookies cut and baked I begin painting details or blocking out color I try to make sure everything I use is completely edible see and then once I get into that exploration that’s when they get the little stressful and messy and chaotic I like to tell people I generally just make a huge mess until I like the finished result so it’s a lot of hard knocks and failure and pain from that I first started making about two and a half years ago I worked as an art director for about a decade in Hollywood and ended up getting really sick and had to go and leave of absence so I was just looking for something creative to do and baking just stood out so I tried it I’m a person who is all my life I’ve found 100 miles an hour through the finish line I’ve never paused and I have a lot of nerve damage sometimes I can’t feel my fingertips and so you know I have to pause and stay calm and try out to freak out just get there I then gather mountains of materials and supplies that I think could make it the best piece possible and that could be everything from texture mats to different molds and then I worked my way to details like hair or dress volume and folds after I put the hair on sometimes the makeup needs to be spiffed ups oh it still stands out so I’ll go back and retouch then I start adding more and more details and then more and more details and more and more details and more and more life until I feel satisfied with the amount of stuff on the cookie and then I just begin building and most of the pieces are flat one on top of the other they just cast a really nice mellow shadow which i think is very cool I think positioning is very important sometimes I will figure out the best positioning and go back in and paint the pie filling to add details and then position things on top so that we’ve got contrast and pop and depth so it’s a process a lot of times being in the kitchen and the process is so chaotic sometimes I don’t quite know what the finished piece is gonna look like and how I photograph each piece and then take my time editing I think it allows me to kind of take it in and be proud of myself while I’m editing and I do I sit there and I’m like wow I can’t believe like I I did this like this is so cool and just putting it together in the perfect frame photo and everything it’s just a very fulfilling happy moment for me I’m creating this little masterpiece in a moment and I really hope that people eat them because I have a photograph the photograph lasts forever and I want them to fully enjoy the whole process from viewing the piece of food art to eating it to sharing it with friends one of the things I adore about food art is the ephemeral quality of it it is not meant to last forever I think one of the mesmerizing aspects about my work is kind of a technical aspect I love playing with deaf texture and different finishes and I think those things really draw the eye in and help tell a deeper story I definitely try to balance style and substance for pie I do flavors that coordinate well with the filling I want it to be a super surprisingly Pleasant buy as well as a super surprising piece to look at so for our unicorn hi I didn’t want to use a traditional unicorn a pastel rainbow color palette I want it to be a little bit different she started out just white and I I couldn’t do it I decided that we could add a watercolor effect to her face which I think gives it a most splash of mermaid [Music] I don’t know that I always want to master something I want to do it well enough that I feel confident and growing and continue pushing those materials so people say I’m a perfectionist I don’t think so I think I’m I think I’m stubborn and I love learning and that just that helps me create kind of cool things it’s honest it’s 100% me it’s me on a plate me on a cookie it doesn’t feel like my finished piece unless I’ve gone above and beyond and it’s been really cool to let loose and just see my own personal style develop and be able to define it it’s pure enjoyment the whole process is just it’s fun and I do think that shows my pieces I think my pieces make people happy every time I question whether this is my right path and if I’m doing the right thing another opportunity comes up that kind of directs me without me having to think about it I have begun expanding the different pieces of sugar art ideas people ask me and I try it and I love it and keep going this is absolutely been a journey of self-discovery and not so much redefining myself but just finding myself again finding the joy in creating just for the just for creating just for being happy and creating something bright that makes other people happy I think my identity used to be so tied to my art director role and to being part of Hollywood and to being a bit of a fashion plate that basically getting knocked on my butt I didn’t know how I would redefine myself and I didn’t really have to is just like finding myself again and then from there realizing that it’s not the end of the world to make a mistake and to throw something out and to burn three pies in a row I have to redo them like you can’t do it you can fix mistakes you can continue to grow and develop starting over at this point in my life too what’s surprising is something that I didn’t think would go this well or make me this happy and it’s just nice to know I mean I could probably start over again sometime and I’ll survive [Music] you


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