I Tried Following A Simply Nailogical Nail Art Tutorial

Hello friends and welcome to another video Today I’m gonna be recreating a viral nail art tutorial by Simply Nailogical Yes, although they are few and far between she does do nail art videos *sometimes* So I’ve seen a few people making videos where they’ll try and follow another Youtuber’s makeup tutorial to basically see if they can actually recreate the look and I’m pretty sure that Thomas Halbert started this trend so shoutout to him for being the inspiration behind this video So today I wanted to tackle something that I’ve watched many times but never tried before ~~~nail art~~~ In fact I think the last time I painted my own nails was my senior year homecoming in high school and that’s not to say that I like get my nails done all the time My nails are usually naked they’re kind of long claw-like one of them’s often a bit snaggly uh, so with that I invite you all to look at them very closely for the next ten minutes as I attempt my very first nail art tutorial Alright Let’s dive right in Now if you don’t know who Simply Nailogical is she makes a lot of really cool nail videos and she’s very good at painting her nails her cats Menchie and Zyler as well as her boyfriend BEYNNNNN~~ (Ben) often make guest appearances and she has what some may call an extremely ‘healthy’ obsession with holographic stuff so the tutorial I’ve chosen is from about a year and a half ago and it is this DIY raindrop Multi-Chrome Nails so not HOLO but close-ish now as a person who has never really done nail art before I didn’t really have have any of the supplies so we had to go out to get a bunch of this stuff I don’t have the exact products that Cristine (Simply Nailogical) does so if you want to do this in real life, I recommend what she’s using and not necessary what I’m using UNLESS it turns out really good then I will recommend what I’m using Alright So let’s see what Cristine has in store for us *Cristine singing* “Raindrops keep falling on my nails” *raindrops keep falling on my head music playing in background* *Cristine singing* “But that doesn’t mean my nails are about to…” Safiya: Truly the unrecognized like vocal talent of this generation Cristine: Look at them multi-chromy SHIFT! IM SHOOK!~~~~ Safiya: I feel like, you know, if I did a cover of that song I would probably have to take the like baritone part *DEEP VOICE*
“RAIN DROPS *laugh*” I can’t do it hahahahah I can’t do it Cristine: Well HOLO everyone! It’s me Cristine again and… Safiya: HOLO Christine Cristine: No that is not actually water on my nails but… it could be Safiya: What?!? Cristine: This technique has been around a long time on Instagram C: Think we call it the water droplet technique S: I really like this rain technique she has done but it’s unclear if it’s beginner friendly or not so… I guess we will see C: So, I’m starting off with a peel off basecoat S: Classic C: Gonna peel it off and add it to my baggie! S: So, Cristine always uses a peel off base coat because she peels all of her nail art off and keeps it in a little zip lock bag that she actually does carry around with her when she travels I’ve seen it in person And it is uh… pretty much just as Hoarders-episode-y as you would think Alright so let me show you how I apply a peel off base coat. Oh I feel like that’s too thick. Tyler: Hold on Safiya: Oh sh*t! Ignore that Alright…oh no! Oh no! How am I doing this wrong? I know, once it gets long it starts like curving under itself Tyler: Yeesh Safiya: Maybe I should invest more care into my… I was about to call them “gropers.” *laughs* Tyler: What?? Safiya: My hands? My claws? My talons? Talons! That’s…I wanted talons I think. Here’s the thing about this tutorial I’m not very good at applying nail polish evenly So I feel like even if I get the effect right, the base is just gonna be lumpy. Alright, so I think that I’ve applied the peel off base coat So I’m just gonna wait for a couple seconds for the base coat to dry. I don’t think I’m ready to move on until it’s not white anymore Ooh, maybe I should get a hairdryer. I’m gonna do that. Well, I don’t know if it’s Cristine approved but it seems logical Simply Nailogical *turns the hairdryer on* *dries her nails* I feel like it shouldn’t be taking this long to dry I feel like I shouldn’t be taking this long for just the first step. Alright, so the middle finger is still white and like not dried, but I feel like we can start with the next step and then hopefully by the time we get to the middle finger it’ll be clear. So, let’s listen to what Cristine says to do next C: now I’m applying one thin coat of black gel polish S: okay so… black gel it is! the bottle of this polish does look a bit like a very tall college graduate so I’m going to try to dab some of the polish on the sides of the bottle so it doesn’t get too lumpy OOO yessss~~ OH no. Maybe I dabbed off too much, its not really coming off in the most even way. It doesn’t smell like normal nail polish this smells more like moth balls… so like equally as toxic but not at fun The weird thing is I swear I was like pretty decent at colouring like inside the lines as a child but I’m very bad at putting polish inside the lines Why does the middle nail look like a very expired raisin? it just looks like a really, REALLY, REALLY sad grape I think the gel is kind of migrating away from the centre of the nail and into my nail beds SO thats not ideal So the thing is, we are about a minute and 27 seconds into Cristine’s tutorial these are the steps that she is wizzing by and I’m still stuck on them OH MY GOD! That one just completely dripped off This is not going well Alright! I think I’m ready for the next step C: So with gel polish, you have to put it under fancy purple alien light thing and that cures it, as they call it S: so we got a lamp! which I’m now nervous to pick up because the gel polish is running off of my fingers Here it is! here’s our lamp and here are the cords BOOMMMM Alright I want to turn this on is it starting??? *presses start button and says ‘start’ at the same time* *machine beeps* OH ohhhhh it’s on! oh it’s HOT in there *Dramatic OH* oh it’s okay actually Cristine called it an alien light Tyler: Yeah
S: It sort of feels like a beam me up scotty type thing S: Oh is that it?
T: are they dry??? S: Noooope noooppee i’m going to put them in for another 30 seconds oh do you see that *automatic beep* WOAH *puts hand in and light automatically turns on* WOAH I don’t think my gel nails are completely dry so I’m going to keep curing them until they are dry I don’t know, do you think my hands gonna end up really tan or something? Alright so we are gonna call this cured umm it’s not like 100% dry DRY but it’s definitely harder C: got to do that for every coat C: so I have cured one coat of black gel polish C: now I’m applying a second coat to make it ACTUALLY opaque S: Alright we are going to go a second coat like she says to hopefully also make it opaque Hers did look better to start with though, so let’s see I actually think one of my problems was that I was like moving my hands around too much after I applied the first coat So I will try not to lift my hands up I’m sorry if Cristine is watching this Alright so I think that’s done I’m gonna go with I’m done So let’s see what Cristine does next C: So now I’m applying a glossy gel top coat because the magic S: did she say top coat and not TACO???? Whose video is this?? So her next step is to add a gel top coat and then cure it… AGAIN WOAHHH that’s thick I feel like I’m putting so much product on my nails they are going to end up looking like bubble nails And also weirdly… OHHHH NOOOOOOOO See how does she do that??? She does voice-over doesn’t she?? Damn you Cristine Alright so I’m going to put these back in the machine Raindrops keep failing on my nailssssssssss~~~ *Kermit voice?* I don’t remember the rest of it Alright so I think I’m all done curing I think I have also somewhat fused my middle fingernail to my middle finger But hopefully that would just peel right off Alright, so what’s up next for Cristine the nail queen? C: To avoid some of the mess from the powder which is one thing I absolutely hated about doing this the last time around I’m using one of these peely apron thingys S: Alright so we are putting an apron on which I probably should have actually been wearing the entire time I don’t think I’m doing this right it kinda looks like my nails are gonna do an 80s Jazzercise class They keep coming undone Why is this happening to me? Cristine? Why are these nail aprons that you didn’t recommend not working for me? Literally every time I push one of them
down, another one flops up This is like not okay Look! Look at this It’s like a game of whack a mole Damn it Alright so with our aprons on I think we’re gonna move on to the next step C: so there’s a few different ways to do this C: you could use your finger or one of the applicators
S: ooooooh or an eye shadow applicator like this Today I’m going with the basic bitch approach Then you just rub it on Alright, so Cristine’s next step is to apply the multi-chrome powder with one of those sponge-y eyeshadow applicators So I couldn’t find this dark multi-chrome powder anywhere in person in LA But we’re lucky enough that one of our friends Lauren runs a nail salon called Color Camp So she lent us some *hums McDonalds theme* I think I’ve got the music from the video stuck in my head T: That’s the McDonalds theme song! S: *hums the song again* I’m bad at nails Ooooh! Sparkly! Oh my god, I feel like a real nail artist This is so fun! Even though my middle nail is kind of raisin-y, it does look like a beautiful metallic raisin now Can I put this stuff on my face or is that not a good idea? The only thing I’m seeing is that you can sort of see where the gel bleeds off my finger But we’re just gonna keep going ahead Alright, ready for the thumb? I’m just gonna take this apron off Screw the legwarmer, we’re going commando No but actually like, how toxic is this? Like what would happen if I put this on my lips? Alright, so I think I’m done with my multi-chrome powder My nails are a total monet Like far away looks great, up close total mess. They’re thick, they’re misshapen and they’re living in the city Alright, so let’s see what’s up next for Cristine C: Now we’re going to add another glossy gel taco (top coat) to seal the powders in. S: There we go! There’s the ‘taco’! I could go for a taco right now as well Hey Tyler! S: Why haven’t you brought me my tea yet? C: BEN! BENN! Is that my tea? BEN! Is that you? Oh my god, thank you S: *mimics Cristine* TYLER? WHERE IS MY TEA? Oh wow, you brought me my almost completely finished iced coffee from this morning Thank you, Tyler! T: I’m such a good Ben S: Thank you, drink slave, that will be all *Safiya laughs* Wait, come back! I need you to keep filming *laughs* Please? So I think now that I’m all cured again I think we’re pretty much done with the base of this look So let’s see what Cristine has in store next C: Oh no, did we forget? C: What’s on my other hand? S: Alright, so I guess it’s time for ~What’s On My Other Hand?~ Which is literally nothing *singing “What’s on this hand?” It’s nothing Alright, so after that very enlightening segment, what’s next? C: To do the raindrop effect I wanted to make the background a little matte C: So I’d have a contrast between the shiny raindrops and the background S: Alright, so I guess the next step is to add a matte top coat “Taco” A mattaco (matte taco) At this point my nails are just like blocks Like, they’re not really nails anymore. They’re just sedimentary formations. S: Wait, why aren’t the other ones drying like that? I might have to add a little bit more of the matte top coat to the other ones so it matches Hello. Me and my giant raisins are pleased to make your acquaintance Alright, so after the matte top coat, I think we only have one place left to go And that’s raindrops So let’s see how she does it. C: Now I’m taking some gel top coat I put on my nail art mat and I’m just taking a tiny brush and painting dots on my nail Pretty f***ing simple. I said it was easy, I didn’t lie S: Did she say this was easy? Damn. So, I’m just gonna dot a little bit of my gel top coat onto the back of this package here And then use that as my nail art mat and draw some raindrops Try and not mess up a circle There we go! That’s a raindrop Alright, so I think my process here is that I’m gonna draw a couple of big guys and then fill in the blank space with little dots I think I’m going to cure those ‘Cause I suspect that if you don’t cure them, there’s a danger of the raindrops literally dripping down your nails S: Thank you! I did mostly everything else incorrectly So, hopefully at least one thing was okay C: Now we’re just gonna cure it so we can make the balls hard *laughs* S: Oooh, are my balls hard? I think they are! T: Oooh! Wow! S: Kinda fun, right? C: And now let’s get some shifting p*rn in it! Oooh! A whole new type of nail p*rn shift porn S: Alright, so she’s moved on to p*rn So I think we’re done with our nails! Look at that! Oooh, yeah! I feel like my nails are just individual cement blocks that someone might want to karate chop through The worst one by far’s my middle finger The index finger is a close second worst But the thumb is my favorite! It still looks like a human nail and it’s got that sassy reptile multi-chrome thing happening Ooooh yeahhh C: That said, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see y’all later, BYE! S: Alright, so I guess in this video Cristine didn’t do any peel p*rn Which is sort of when she will peel up her nail art that she just did But maybe she just wanted to keep these nails on for a while Which I understand I don’t really wanna take them off my nails either Except for the middle finger, that f***er can go! So despite that, I think we should try to peel them up right now I’m gonna try maybe from this side Uhhhhh, what? Oh, oh, oh, it’s coming off!! Oooh, wow! Ow, it’s kind of stuck to my skin over here Ohhh! Alright, I think I’m just trying to take my entire nail off with that one So let’s not do that Oh, here, it’s coming Here we go T: Ooooh! S: Ow I can see why Cristine likes to do this ’cause this is fun Oh, here we go OHH, that was kind of violent S: Yeah *chuckles* So those are all my peelies. They’re very solid My nails are very dirty and covered in gel polish But I’m very very pleased with these little creations Alright, so with the completion of the fracture p*rn, as I’m gonna call it, I think that we’ve completed my very first attempt at a nail tutorial I think that I did okay I think that the gel polish is honestly what threw me for a loop I probably should’ve painted and cured every single individual finger And hopefully that would’ve stopped some of the run-off But besides that, once we got to the multi-chrome powder, I felt like I was really getting into the groove And in the end, I think my nails came out pretty good They didn’t look so good when you thought about the actual shape someone’s nails should be But if you didn’t think about that, then they looked okay I feel like what might motivate me to keep doing nail tutorials is to start my own peelie collection It’s fun It’s like a little souvenir of these three hours I spent in this room Thank you guys so much for watching! And a big, big thank you to you guys for 4 million subscribers on this channel! Thank you guys so much for being here, for being a friend And hanging out with us and doing weird stuff like this So I do have a special 4 million subscribers video planned For like early next month Basically what it is, I’m gonna have you guys vote on what my hair color should be So I’ve got these 4 options for you guys to choose from That’s A, B, C and D And basically, we’re gonna put in a polling option And you guys get to vote from here and tell me what you think my hair color should be So make sure to vote And if you liked that video, make sure to shmash that like button And if you wanna see more videos like this, make sure to shmash that subscribe button A big shoutout to Nikki for watching! Thanks for watching, Nikki! And I will see you guys next time Drink slave! Where’s my cat? *weird accent* Bring my cat to me! What? This isn’t Menchie! This is Menchie’s smelly grandfather *mimics Cristine’s outro* Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see y’all later, BYE!


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