Illustrator CS6: Recolor Artwork Menu

in this video I’m going to go over the edit edit colors recolor artwork menu in Adobe Illustrator I’m using Adobe Illustrator cs6 this also works in cs5 and cs4 and it’s really quick and easy way to adjust your colors first thing I’m going to do select the objects that I want to change the colors of in this case I’m working with three logos I’m just kind of experimenting with color at this point trying some different colors out see what they look like versus the yellow blue green and red green designs so I’m going to select those first of all from a selection tool I just selected the three by holding shift down or you can click and drag to select them or you can just choose select all to select them all and I’m going to go up to edit the Edit menu going to go down to edit colors and I’m going to choose recolor artwork now keep in mind all of these menu options will edit your colors so you can go through those as well but recolor artwork is kind of like the steering wheel for the rest of these so it’s kind of guides everything it’s kind of an all-inclusive stop right here um so you see my three designs right there I’m just going to cover up the yellow in a little bit but I’m starting with this recolor artwork dialog box I have a drop down menu in the top and this drop down menu has a bunch of presets already set for me these are already loaded doesn’t matter how your illustrator set up you should see these already so it’s got complimentary actually a couple options for Complementary you’ve got split complementary and and so on down through high contrast and pentagram at the bottom so these are all preset takes the guesswork out of selecting your colors now it’s basing that color that is starting with off of the yellow color of the Sun most likely so that’s kind of an automatic thing it just selects a color let’s say I want to go with this red let’s say I’ll rather start with red color I have to have red in my design let’s say I’m going to click on the red that I want to select and in this dialog box I’m just going to click on it again it didn’t really take when I clicked on it I’m going to click on it again and now you see this box over here is red now I have to do one more thing because this active color is still yellow so it’s still basing all of these menu options on that yellow you see the yellow to the left all these color schemes are based off of that yellow so what I’m going to do is with that red in there I’m going to click it again the reds in this box I’m going to click it one more time in the box and it changed everything but don’t panic it did change everything but now that red is over to the left so all of these color schemes are now based on that red that red wasn’t or that yellow base color was in the Sun now you see that Sun is now red so now if I click on these different color schemes it changes my artwork really easily really quickly I can bring this down and see different color schemes that it chooses so this is a really nice quick easy way to automatically change your color schemes as with many things in illustrator and Photoshop and other Adobe programs automatic things are not as easy to control but I found this this menu it gives you a lot of control if you dig down into it for example under current colors it had the current colors of my artwork set is green red yellow and blue right here yellow green blue and red and I should start from the top and these are my current colors and it shows seven of them and the new colors it’s replacing the yellow with red it’s replacing the green with purple it’s replacing the dark green with dark purple and the blue was light green and so on so you can change those colors a bit you can change it to be a tint or a scale of a tint um if you want to do that I’m not complete control but a little bit of an adjustment there I’m going to go back up to UM up here the under preset right now it’s under custom preset I’m going to change this to one color job so let’s say you only have one color you can work with I’m going to hit that and hit OK now it changed to that red color because I chose that as my primary color I said I have to have red in my design and it’s making this a one color red logo if you choose to color is changing that to a two color red job so now I have red and purple based off of this color scheme which has red and then purple right next to it so the second color is going to be the second choice in your design if you change that it changes the color choices let me go to a simpler choice this is red and yellow so you see that it changed the whole design to red and yellow just try out a color scheme so all the blacks are changed to yellow so you don’t really have full control yet but you have some control three color job three colors and so on now if I click back on color harmony it goes back to where it originally was and that’s the three colors are changed to three different colors I’m going to go up to here up here excuse me to edit colors so this is where you kind of dig into it and you can adjust your colors even further and I really like this menu a lot you can change your color wheel look to be a segmented color wheel or you can do this do this color block mode I personally like the color wheel as it comes in and so you can just leave it as default and in most cases that works and with this color wheels default I’m going to select that red color that red colors right here you see the dark circle around that red color and I’m just going to click and drag that red color unless say I want to extend my primary color being red I’m going to change it to green now you see the green changed in all of my color schemes on the left hand side all my colors are now green and the other colors changed as well so it kept it as a try out at color scheme but it changed that primary color so it makes no sense for that Sun to be anything except yellow and so you can quickly change that to a try out at color scheme and still keep your yellow color if that’s the color you want to stick with um so if you want further adjustment to this you can drag colors in and it makes them more of a pastel look it actually is adjusting the colors to be light lighter so the color setting is I have it now is showing the stature and hue on the color wheel if you click down here show brightness and hue on the color wheel it will let you change from darker to lighter so you see that you can add black to the design by clicking on that little button right there on so again this is the lightness this is white adding white or taking a white away and this is adding darkness or black to the design we see the changes you can make there now further change that you can click on this little link button this will unlink the harmony so it’s kind of getting out of my color sets that I’ve set here I’m unlinking those and I’m kind of gifting with my with my work here and I’m just kind of randomly selecting colors now this might be a little bit out of what you want to do because this is kind of a protection having color schemes but if you want to choose custom colors and change them quickly it’s a nice way to do it right here in this dialog box so I’m going to click back on link and change my colors back to a different color scheme and that will reconnect them so that it is actually a color scheme then starting from so that’s just a few things you can try out quickly changes your colors I’m going to go back to s time C can quickly choose through the drop-down menu or under edit colors you can choose under the color wheel on one very small minor last note you can also choose a color scheme or color group to base these off of these are swatches so if you have a specific swatch set usually it would be a user-defined swatch set you don’t want to go out of your swatches you can choose that there and in most cases you don’t need that but you can if you if you’re working with web colors for example you might want to limit to web colors and that would be under the swatches right here just choose web and that limits you to web colors so you don’t get outside of your realm so just hit OK when you’re done got the preview there you can check recolor artwork if you don’t see a preview most cases you will see the preview and quickly and easily you can change your colors from point A to point in just a few clicks

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