Interview with MFA Printmaking Alum Lisa Lofgren

hello I’m Lisa Lofgren I am a printmaker I am an artist and we are at come together studios where I have my studio I came to ISU a year after graduating from undergrad I applied to several different schools ISU is top on my list because one I had normal auditions workshop a master printing studio that I really wanted to experience – it had a great faculty a nice diverse program without being too large and keeping a nice small graduate group they offered assistance financially which made it really possible actually for me to go on to grad school I see faculty really helped define who I am and what I do right now I have a huge base of mentors through this really nice core group I was also able to expand to other faculty members that really helped push my conceptual development in areas that maybe they were not as familiar with printmaking but had a lot of input on on how I rethought about printmaking it was such a perfect combination of people and I was very fortunate and when I started is you that there was a great undergraduate BFA group and a lot of people that were very active in pushing pushing the grad students but also keeping things exciting what I didn’t realize what was going on outside of ISU was that there’s a huge population of artists around ISU as well so Bloomington Normal hosts a lot of really fine artists that have also majority of them stemmed from being in school at ISU so we share this common thread and when I realized that I I kind of fell in love with the community around ISU as well a lot has happened for me over the last couple of years since I graduated from ISU I took on a gallery main gallery 404 in downtown Bloomington which is home to 45 local artists I started a community print shop which is strong running classes regularly so I I feel very honored that I have had this privilege to push my goals to really happen in in a couple of years and a lot of people have made that possible but it completely opens the door now for the future my goal for the future is to keep on with what is happening now so hopefully that will become even wider reached than what it is right now

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