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Israel… …a small country – nevertheless the Negev desert appears to be just endless! But although this place is very dry,
rare rains set out to form this landscape and to found its valleys. Every flowing drop is grooving
to its final destination: The lowest point on earth! And unless it won´t evaporate or trickle away
finally it will be slurred by a highly concentrated brine. Jam haMelach, so called in hebrew,
literally means ´Sea of salt´. This ocean has such a highly concentration of salt,
that life is totally impossible here. Salt crystallizes upwards and creeps
over every subject that was left at the waterfront,
and in this way a bizarre landscape can arise which follows its own laws overcrusting, enclosing and swallowing
shrubs and stones mercilessly. On this way to this unique but hostile place
water flows in deep furrows to its destination
to give plants and animals to drink so long as it´s still not too late,
so long as it´s sweet, yet. These by this manner caused valleys
are fertile and green containing a great diversity of animal species. And also the Nubian ibex avail from this fact, because it is dependent of regular drinking. In small associations it moves at the mountainsides
and live on juicy treas and shrubs. Its highly speed and surefootedness,
rushing over this steep and impassable terrain is typical for
every goat-like mammals. Falls are very rare. Young animals remains until three years
with their mothers. Like the Nubian ibex
also Dassies are active during the day. Seems, that it´s sleeping on the rock – but it is wide awake – observing exactly the raptors floating above its head. These animals live in many parts of Africa
and they are very adaptiv. The Israeli dassie isn´t only one of the most northern
of its species, but also the lowest. Because
it´s brothers at Mount Kenia live 4700 meters apart, because here they live about 400 meters UNDER the sea level. The youngsters are reared in rocky caves or
as shown here in a big nest of old reed. At this place there is enough protection from
predators from the air. Nevertheless – their home is not safe enough because of leopards who live here in small numbers, as well. Wether Nubian Ibex or Dassies – they all gains from the little rain, that forms its way to the Death Sea
through this barren landscape possessing its own individually power attraction. They are among the few animal species
who can justifiably state to be at home at the lowest point on earth.


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