Jamie Hart Hand Crafted Wood Sculpture & Artwork

Filan rule Life magazine here at the oak fair and it’s a great honor to to meet up with Jamie Hartman Jamie and I go back an awful long time and I’ve seen this young man career developed blossom into what can only be described as an international sculpture now one or two of the pieces that we have here Jamie are just absolutely stunning and how is the day going very well yeah now Jordan now we will talk through one or two of the items in question in a minute now what do you like working with most what what materials are your favorites to work with and at the moment I’m probably just choosing a hardwood oak around the oak Tool Works digging with a bit of interest in it and I was going to say some bits grain some of the items that you’ve got there got some superb natural and grains for them it’s difficult to find these to find these to start with I suppose I’ve just had my eyes open for a few years just looking I kind of known what I’ve wanted to make and not necessarily at the time and now I’m sort of turning my time to producing work that I’ve probably been mulling over for a few years so fantastic now okay Jamie stunning piece just explain what was the inspiration behind this what happened a lot of my work John is where I spot an interesting piece of wording on a wall for something and then maybe take permission getting a piece of wood home a lot of my work starts a lot bigger a big one this is found industry into whatnot yeah and then I normally leave them to dry not the sort of the rot off and see what sort of structures left yes in there as a whole to work with and then I’ll probably use over it carry on with something else much bit more mundane and then drop back onto it and start pulling out some forms when I start to see it sort of the human figure in a inner peace so this could quite well be in the studio for a number of days and a number of events per eight years yeah I’ve had that sort of around for a while and yep it was that that day it was that piece of woods turn so well I have to say it is stunning it’s a stunning piece Jamie again fantastic piece explain a little bit about this well this piece is a little bit different where the it’s normally where I find the wood or these days I’m hat I’m searching out pieces of wood that I feel will make a nice piece of work yes and a friend of mine had a standing dead oak in a local local woodland close to here near bull Barrett Hill and I was working with this guy sourcing some other pieces for a commission that I was doing for Kew Gardens oh right yeah and the he delivered me three pieces of oak and it was brown oh it’s obviously gone through the natural stages of decay yes and it unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for the job that I had to do for cue yes but good enough in the sense that there’s cracking and gave me the inspiration for this year and I’d had these pieces around this is the second piece actually out of a series of three right I’ve still got a blank and the first piece was something that yeah I’ve enjoyed making it and it and it’s kind of led me into this so fitting uniform it’s beautiful really really is a stunning piece really very very eye-catching very tactile super absolutely super piece but with Jamie just it just explain a little about this because this is a stunning piece this one um a very rotten but heavy stump when I found it in the ground and from the density of it I can see that or just feel that there was a lot of structure yeah and the structure that was there to me I think well that’s strong enough to hold a carving yeah beautiful and then as I started playing things off I realized that I’m left with certain shapes yes shapes to work with and then quite naturally a twisted male bs male torso sort of comes out of it and a bit of extrusion here and it was nice because it’s hollow it’s works it works all the way around yeah yeah and really enjoyable piece to me yeah I think I can understand that leading in its own in its own sense beautiful I understand that’s been sold today it has yeah fantastic well I’m sure the new owner is going to be actually over the moon for that it’s it’s a stunning piece great to meet up with you choked and and we do look forward to one or two of your editorial pieces I’m going to explain you know you do have a lot in the pipeline yep and for people that are interested in Jamie Hart’s details building Royal Life magazine you’ll find all the all the contact details website details on there and I’m sure be more than happy to talk to you with regards to any Commission’s works that you’re looking for you

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