Jerusalem’s World renowned Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Bezalel is really
a Jerusalemite institution, it’s part of the city. One cannot separate
Bezalel from Jerusalem. The amazing thing is that you
kind of get to know yourself and from here,
you only grow. Bezalel Academy of Arts
and Design in Jerusalem was established in 1906. It was founded by
a visionary guy, Professor Boris Schatz. The decision was made
at the Zionist Congress. Ever since that
it is well known that the Israeli art
was born at Bezalel. Many world-renowned
artists studied in Bezalel, such as Nachum Gutman,
Siona Tagger… We preserve, we develop
and we work in traditional Arts and Crafts techniques. At the same time, we foster
and work on arts and design alongside and with
cutting edge technology. It’s really about doing
the old and the new at the very same time. Everyone in my
family is artistic. My mother wanted
to start studying at Bezalel but because she had twins
she couldn’t do it, she had to get
a practical degree. But me and my twin
both study at Bezalel. I’m studying Design
and Glass Blowing and my brother
is studying Animation. I started making jewelry and then making more
art jewelry, and now I moved
to 3D printing. What’s fun about
this department, which excites me the most, is making the connection
between art and design. Whether the plate becomes
something sculptural and maybe when does it
become functional. In this department
we do really cool projects. We designed a gift
for the president, for him to give
other presidents. All these collaborations are
great, because we really have all these fun ideas, and it’s just a good place
to get a good connection to the world.

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