John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) Official Behind the Scenes “Art of Action” – Keanu Reeves

Cinema is rich in traditions,
what has come before. I saw a picture called
Villainess, and it turned out
that Chad had seen it. Villainess is a great action
movie, and it had a
great motorcycle sequence in it. The first couple times we
watched it, me and my stunt team and effects
team were impressed, ah, that was a really cool idea. This is tipping our hat to them.
Here’s our little ode to you. Good f*cking job! We set such higher standards on
the first two movies that, you always have to kinda one up
it. We got to put things on
the edge of what’s real
and still make it cinematic. They designed this motorcycle
sequence, which was new for us. We have a bike chase
which would shut down
the Verrazzano Bridge for… It’s like a dance choreography.
There’s movements. There’s a language of
movement you have to play to. So it’s motorcycles with swords. (laughing)


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