judging your artwork on a u.s. school system grading scale

Art Review Welcome to art review, which is sort of like PewDiePie’s meme review but without PewDiePie and unoriginal, so stolen and worse. Now, the rules are very simple. Nobody gets a zero and nobody gets a 100. No one gets a 100 because only God is perfect. Sorry. And nobody gets a zero because that… how? If your art is that bad, you need to take some courses. Might I recommend Skillshare? Yes, this video is, in fact, sponsored by Skillshare. Which is great, because now I can pay my bills and you can fix that zero for free. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators and artists with over 25,000 courses in illustration, comic making, you name it. And Premium membership gives you unlimited access to all of these courses so you can find the one that’s just right for your style of art. For example, I’ve been sort of into comics lately, um, but then I remembered I don’t have time and I don’t know how to do them. And would you look at that, Skillshare’s got me all hooked up. Anything you need. Digital painting, traditional painting, how to color your traditional drawings digitally? If you name it, Skillshare’s got it. Probably. Skillshare is also super affordable. An annual subscription costs less than $10 a month. But if you sign up using my link below, you can get two months of Skillshare for free. Unless you can’t, because there’s only for the first 500 people and I already used it. So. But yeah, join more than 7 million people who’re already using Skillshare to fuel their creative goals and do it now. TL;DR use my link, two months free, fix that zero. Okay, so starting with Brit Cayley. Oh, I see, britkcaley. So this one is really nice. I like that brushwork a lot. I think I’m going to give it a 97, minus 3 points because I feel like it. So this is from Ethan Becker and Zero. Okay, no wait. 100 Zero. I don’t know how I feel. We have this one from f_insolito, I could be completely butchering that, I like this one. It looks like a very quick sketch, but I have to give props for extending the pose. 90. I don’t know. We have this one. Actually. I like this one. Baneflameart is drinking. Just kind of relatable. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding 90… Why am I giving everything a 90? Okay, you’re gonna get an 80 to make things seem more balanced so, sucks to suck. Okay, this one is by theancientmasteress. Okay. I like it. The colors are really cool. 96. This one is from what is that? Like lettuce, I guess. Lettu-, lettu-, why am I even trying? Okay, so this is very nice. I like the weapon that you gave him. You used the same background as mine, which I think looks really cool. That’s so sad. Like, every time somebody does something similar do I do I give them extra points? So I’m pretty much like every art teacher in the entire world, actually. You get a 95. This is from oh kin zog. okinzog. I like this because the lighting is really neat and he got this serious moustache upgrade, which I think we could all use one of those. Overall, this is great and you get a 90 grade. This one is from snail. Oh, okay, and it says, “Hmm. Yeah, sorry sis. No getting rid of that atrocity on your head,” and he’s just like, “Aw.” Um, I feel vaguely shaded so you get a 98, but then I’m just gonna take off 40 points. This one is from dev0o0.666. I like this one a lot. It has like that painted style going on. 95, plus, um, four points for doing the same background as me. So that’s a 99. Okay, this one is from onetrix. It kind of looks like something from Cartoon Network. Like, now I kind of want to see a show with my characters in it because that would just, that’s what my ego needs. So I- 99. This one is from scrimbie. Um, this one looks pretty cool, actually. I like the clock in the background and the lighting is pretty neat. 92. Here we have xens_dead_art and this is a watercolor piece. I do not know how to use watercolor so 94. I just realized I’m basing the grades off of my personal experiences. Alright. This one is from tvisu and you used my background. So 98. Alright, here we have one from finger_year. Okay. Um, I really like the colors that are going on here, so, uh, 96. Actually, I just gave a 96. 86 sorry. This one’s from callmeclaudii. The values are pretty nice. This gets a nice, clean, 95 This one’s from jceatsart. This is a very clean illustration style. Look at that. You have a lot more patience than I do. So I’m giving you an 80. This one’s from ocean_laboratory. This is a 99. This is from gnomer reginam. Oh, I see, gnomereginam. Maybe. Anyway, um, 95. This one’s from theartgoose and you turned him into a woman. Um, you get a 98 for creativity. This one’s from colormechelsea_ I like his expression and you put my hashtag on the drawing for that extra promo so 99. This one is from illumiartes. I tried. It’s pretty epic. Dang You get a 90 dang. This one’s from chesbeta. Look at that rim light, this gets a 94. Alright, this is from sarahleearts. Again, watercolor. 99. I’m sorry. How people use watercolor is far beyond me. thisismiapet. Wow, okay, I like this one a lot. I don’t know, take this 98. This is from kangaroos_hat. Wow, that hair got a massive upgrade. He went to Revlon. So you get a 98 just because of that. yupa_art. Oh, this is nice. I like the painterly style, take this 97. amalvyart maybe and this is watercolor, right? 95. Wow 99 cool sign. reilsandart. Got some sword action going on, some perspective, take a 94. xshize- He kind of reminds me of like a 90’s boy band member here. Take my 95. ethan_the_board. This is really neat looking, actually. It kind of reminds me of stained glass. 94. This one is from dvves The colors are really soft. I like the pencil, actually. 92. This one’s from ma.gin. He looks really serious and that lighting is actually pretty good, so, 94. Okay. This one is from rhenzxs.art This is really nice. You actually made the armor more detailed than mine. Um, I feel threatened. You can get a 50. This is from idranilart. Yeah. Fierce expression, some action going on and you put my logo on the shield for that extra promo so you get a 99. Alright, I like this one bbegrill. It’s a nice painterly style, you get a 94. wysteria.artifex This is a very simple drawing but it’s still pretty effective. 93. jam_doodled. I like the colored line art. Oh, he’s dragon. 94. mirbomb25 What medium is this, color pencil? Yes colored pencils. So because I figured it out, you get a 98. jazart.png. “Pro tip: if you don’t want to draw the other eye, just give the character an eye patch.” You get an 80. Actually, it’s kind of smart. You get a 95. art_by_barns. Well I really like the scratchy style. It looks like, um, a ballpoint pen actually. 94. This one is from sstrawberrysugar, finally a name I can pronounce. I’m gonna give this a 90 nice. This one is from angelsketchies. We got the painterly style going on, the lighting’s pretty nice… 96. “I love turning the subject into a mudpuppy.” What is a mudpuppy? I don’t know what that is, but I really like it. It’s a 98 in my book. This one’s from mahnoor3825. 90- 90. You have the 90-90. I really like the colors. Wow, this is fancy. 96. This one is from clarityhalo. I would use this as my wallpaper. 99. standardformat.jpg. Um, this is great. You get a 92 point blue We got another gender bend here by amoth_ka_draws. Graphite. It’s pretty soft, too. A 94. _infinitelyroses_. Wow, this is very fancy. And you did a pretty great job on the armor. You get a 94 as well. jollyloaf. Kind of reminds me of like an old illustration book. I’m not even gonna try to remember which one I’m thinking of. Because I don’t remember what it reminds me of you can just get an 80, sorry. paynesclay. Nice. Good job. I like the highlights. You get a 90 colored pencil Wow, this is fancy. antoine.lecorre. Take my 99. And then the last one is katsgail. This is very nice. You can get a 90, we’re done. In conclusion, you all fail. Sorry. I’m not passing any of you because if I do, then you’ll leave, and how will I get paid? Anyway, looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes of content out of this, So leave a like and what you think and subscribe if you haven’t already think and if there any big thinking-

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