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>>Hey Dan, have you got a sec? Uhmmm…yeah Great, because the client is gonna be here really soon. You know I’ve got this amazing ad for the new ginger beer? Uh…. yeah Playful but rough. But also epic but quite modest at the same time. Do you know what I mean? Uhmmm… Great. So what I leave you for about an hour. Is that enough time? Well, it is not finished, but… No clearly. It needs to be more manly. Give him a beard. A long beard, or…a stubbly beard Yeah, long Like dwarf long? No not that long. Well, he’s mother nature, but then he’s also like father nature as well. asexual? Maybe we should add some wolves? No, woah, no, not a whole pack. So, uh Do you know what, I was right. We do, we need a whole pack of wolves. Kim, Kim Kim Kim. What do you think? Check it out Wauw! Really raw. Nice work. Ok, from a strategy perspective though. Millennials are 58 percent more engaged when there is a kitten in the advert. So, can we work that in somehow? Oh, by the way, the client is here. Kittens don’t work. What about a baby bear? Yeah whatever, thank you. Just a baby… baby bear there. Baby baby bear right there. Right there baby bear. Alright, oooh, Ok… Ok, two pixels to the left. Ohhhk… Two pixels to the left. Bigger, 10 percent bigger. Stop. Ok perfect! Yeah? Yeah. Great. Done. What if the bear had a little bit more personality?

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