Kim Jung Gi Brush Pen 10 min 1 min 10 sec Drawing Challenge – Sea turtle 🐢

Shh Today folks, we’re gonna do the 10 minute 1 minute 10 second our challenge We’ll see how it goes So hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Tony. I’m a tokyo-based artist and illustrator. Now. I’ve always wanted to try doing this 10 minute one minute 10 second challenge and for some reason I haven’t had that courage to do so and It just so happens that I have the time now that I can actually work on it so hopefully it’ll get me then to use so I’m thinking this time we can draw something from nature and I don’t know. I kind of want to draw a sea turtle I don’t know why so we’re gonna try to do this challenge. It seems like it should be pretty fun. It should be pretty fun Let’s try it and I was trying to think what do we use to draw this and I was taken let’s use mr Mime up my hero King. Jeonggi’s brush pen If you haven’t heard of Kim Jong, he he’s an amazing artist and he draws a lot of cool stuff right off the dome I don’t know how he does it I think it’s magic or he’s a wizard or a warlock or something of it between the two. I don’t know it’s bananas But anyway, we’ll be using brush pens today I might do it like a little bit of under drawing in a regular pencil or like a Like that, so I don’t know I’ve decided yet. I Honestly don’t know what we’re doing for this so we’re just gonna give it a shot and see see see see how it goes All right, let’s do it All right, so we got everything set up here I guess you just get into it All right. I think I’m gonna use a I’m going to use a little pencil thingy first and then go from here Hmm right, I hope I’m recording I’d better be recording. All right 3 2 1 Go Figure if while using a brush panel to give me more time to really kind of uh, Get down in there and make really cool Like variations and details But at the same time cover a lot of space Not space but All right the neck in here That’s it. It’s coming along. I think all right, that’s enough time on that See if we can Get some of these features in here now But I’m happy I think with the general shape all right time to get the pin out By using a brush pen, I think will really help With the Speed Good thing about this challenge is it only takes ten minutes? It’s really easy to get lost in these things to get way too precious and I think that’s what’s happening a little bit Now I do see one mistake I think their their Noses are a lot closer That’s a 50% halfway point There’s an old saying that you know in Psychology that you use up the amount of time that you’re giving and I’m totally doing that Your Your brain kind of fills in the time unfortunately which Is both a blessing and a curse sometimes Being way too precious with it Okay, I got to pick up the pace Got to pick up the pace Oh Oh, yeah Well it another time come on honey, you got this oh My god win it all the time go Oh No Oh man, one minute left I’m gonna bring this thing home That’s the one good thing about these brush pans you can really cover a lot of space relatively fast if you have to oh Dear All right, almost done ah Times up and I need to take my timer and you take off the off silent. Oh my god All right, not too bad too bad. All right too bad It’s a it’s a it’s it’s a It’s a turtle Oh Man, but that was kind of fun. That’s cool. All right, so that’s our that’s our 10 minute version All right, let’s move on now to the one-minute version. This is gonna be more of a challenge now this Alright, we’ll see. I’ll go. Alright go down to one minute Okay Let’s do this one minute. All right, three two One oh baby, yes, three two one Get these guys in here. Oh man the pimp dang it the brush tip is not the best right now Come on Come on this is not fair. It’s not but brush is dying Oh, come on no, no don’t rush work Nah, ah Damn it. It’s not fair. The brush pen was broken He’s not dang it. Oh Oh That’s the one minute one You know What are you gonna do? Yes, folks always check your equipment before you start so lesson learned All right, let’s do ten seconds Three two one go Ah, ah There you have it that’s not too bad that’s not too bad You know Not too bad All right Well, there you have it folks the 10 minute 1 minute 10 second challenge first time doing this. This is kind of cool I like this. This is fun. I’m gonna do some more I want to do more listen if you know more that you want me to try to do let me know in the Comment section and let me know what you think about this. Also if you do this yourself Send me a copy of it and we’ll put it on our Twitter’s on our our instagrams. Our Facebook’s all that stuff So yeah, hit me up. Let me know so Thank you so much for watching I remember hit that like and subscribe and share with some other people. You may get this all viral and whatnot Yeah, let me know what you think. Yeah, so, this is Tony. This is a 10 minute 1 minute 10 second part challenge and Yeah, let’s do more. All right


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