It was a sunny summer day, my 5-year-old son James played in the backyard of the house James had always been a quiet boy with a wild imagination But it was solitary, he never had many friends. I was in the kitchen, feeding our dog, when I heard James He was talking to someone in the backyard. Would it be a friend? I decided to go out into the yard and see how he was doing. When I got to the backyard I was a bit confused, James was the only person there Was he talking to himself? I swear I heard another voice. In that instant, I called him. He came in and sat at the kitchen table, I made him a turkey sandwich and he started eating it silently Who were you talking to before? I asked. James looked up for a moment, “I was playing with my new friend,” he said smiling. I poured him some milk and kept asking him. Does your friend have a name? Why don’t you ask him if he wants to eat with us? “James looked at me for a moment before answering:” His name is Laughing Jack. ” “Oh yeah? It is a strange name. And how is your friend? “. “He’s a clown, he has long hair and a big nose, long arms and big pants, with striped socks and always smiles. ” At the time I realized that my son was talking about an imaginary friend. I assumed that for boys of his age it was normal to have imaginary friends, especially if there were not many real ones to play with. I did not give it much importance, it would be a phase. The rest of the day went by as usual, it got dark and I put James to bed. I wrapped it up, kissed him good night and made sure to light his lamp before to close the door. I was very tired, it was hard to be a single mother. I went to bed, I had a horrible nightmare. It was all dark, I was in a kind of rickety fair running without stopping. I was really scared, the whole place looked horrible, black and white, there were stuffed animals hung from ropes in the booths with sickly smiles stitched on their faces. I felt as if hundreds of eyes were looking at me, even though there was no one in sight. Suddenly, I started to hear the tune of the children’s song “Pop Goes the Weasel”, I was hypnotized. I followed his melody to the circus tent, almost in a trance. It was completely black, the only light came from a projector that shone in the center of the big tent. As I walked towards the light I found myself singing unable to stop All around the cobbler’s bench, The monkey chased the weasel, The monkey thought t’was all in fun, POP! Goes the weasel. The lights came on suddenly leaving me almost blind. The only thing I could see was a small dark silhouette coming towards me, then another appeared, and another, and another. There were dozens of them. I could not move, it was frozen, the silhouettes were children! But they were horribly disfigured and mutilated. Some had cuts all over their bodies, others burned, and others had their limbs mutilated, even the eyes! The children wrapped and scratched me, dragged me to the ground, and tore me My inside. As the children tore me apart, all I could hear was a laugh, a horrible and evil laugh, I fainted. I woke up the next morning sweating. I sat up and noticed that some of James’ action figures were watching me from my little table James had probably woken up early and would have put his toys here. I picked up his toys and went to James’s room, which was sound asleep. How weird, I placed the toys and went to the living room. James woke up a little dazed, maybe he had not slept well either, I put his breakfast “James, did you put the toys in Mom’s room this morning?” “Laughing Jack did it.” “Well, tell Jack what to pick up after playing.” James nodded and finished his breakfast and went to play in the backyard. I was so tired that I sat on the couch for a moment and fell asleep. upon awakening A couple of hours later I realized that James was alone “Shit!” I went to the backyard, but James was not there. I started calling him “JAMES! JAMES! Where are you ?!” At that moment I heard a small Laughter coming from the front yard. James was sitting on the sidewalk, I breathed a sigh of relief “James, how many times have I told you that you stay in the backyard? … Wait, what are you eating? ” James looked at me and then put his hand in his pocket, took out many candies from everyone colors. Who gave you the candies? ” James looked at me without speaking. “JAMES! Please, tell mom who gave you the candy! ” James lowered his head and said: “Laughing Jack, he gave them to me.” I was going to have a heart attack “James, I’ve had enough of this Laughing Jack, HE IS NOT REAL! I need to know who gave you those candies! ” James replied honestly, “But mom, Jack gave me the candy.” I closed my eyes, breathed deeply; I knew that James would never lie to me, but what was saying it was impossible. I had him spit out the candy, it looked like he was fine, maybe he would have given it some neighbour That night we went to bed early. Suddenly I was awakened by a noise coming from the kitchen, I ran down the stairs. What a horror, everything was lying on the ground, our dog was dead and hanging from the lamp, his stomach was open and filled with colorful candies. Ahhhhhh I heard a sharp cry from James’ room. I grabbed a knife and ran. Everything was lying down, my poor son was in his bed crying and trembling with fear, who I picked up and ran. We call the police from the house of some neighbors. When I told him what had happened, they took me crazy. They said someone would have entered to steal and that they would have escaped quickly. I knew it was not true, what was in my house did not come from outside, that was inside. The next day I did not let James go out into the yard. At night I took the baby monitor to watch him, James was afraid of Jack, poor, I promised him nothing would happen to him. I went to bed with the biggest knife in the drawer and said to myself “Imaginary friend or not, I’m not going to let anything harm my son. ” I tried to stay awake as long as I could, but in the end the dream could be with me. Is James asleep? ” I heard the horrible laughter of my nightmare, jumped out of bed and quickly grabbed the knife and I ran to James’s room. I felt a thick hot liquid on my feet, the light suddenly came on and I could see with absolute horror what was in front of me. The body of my little James on the wall. I vomited on the floor. A grotesque laugh was heard behind me, I turned around and from the shadows the demon responsible for all this horror arose, it was Laughing Jack. His white skin and long black hair. Penetrating white eyes and disheveled feathers on the shoulders. His body was grotesque, his long arms hanging past his waist. His crooked smile revealed a row of sharp white teeth. He wore a black and white suit like a clown with a long-sleeved shirt and striped socks. He let out a disgusting laugh. He approached James “Get away from him!”, I ran to the monster raising the knife and stabbed him, but as soon as the knife touched him he disappeared in a cloud of smoke black. The knife passed through James and pierced him, James’s heart was still beating, splashing his hot blood on my face … No … what have I done ?! My baby, My Heart! I killed my baby! ” I immediately fell to my knees, I could hear the sirens in the distance every time stronger… “My son, my baby, my sweet baby … I promised that mom would protect him … but I failed … I’m sorry James … I’m so sorry ” bursting into crying kneeling in front of what was still the body of my son. The police did not take long to arrive and found me holding the knife covered in blood of my poor offspring. They blamed me for the murder of my son and declared me crazy. They locked me up, where I have been for the last 2 months. The only reason why I’m constantly awake is because someone is touching Pop Goes the Weasel out of my window … every day, at all times … hey guys thanks for watching! check out my facebook! twitter! and instagram! do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


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