Learn how to diagram with draw.io with this quick start tutorial

Drag shapes from the left-hand side and
drop them into the diagram area. You can style the shape using the style format
panel on the right-hand side. To add an image drag and drop them from your file
system. Search for shapes using the search field. To replace a shape drag the
new shape onto the existing shape and drop when the cyclical swap icon appears.
Select a shape and click one of the four blue directional arrows to add a
connected clone shape. You can also click and drag a blue arrow, then release on
another shape to create a connection between the two. Again
connectors can be styled using the style format panel. Alternatively, deselect a
shape and connect via the fixed cross symbols around the shape parameter. To add
or edit the text on the shape select it and start typing. You can also double
click anywhere in the empty space to add text or double click on any part of a
connector to add a text label there. To pan around the diagram use the right
mouse button or the left mouse button while holding a space key. Hold the Alt
key to zoom with a mouse scroll wheel.

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