Lenny Kravitz’s Home Art Obsession

I can’t wait to talk to
Lenny because the other day, I saw an interview where he
showed off some of his artwork. You know, he collects
major artwork I was so impressed by his. And I love that he
showed this off. Welcome to my fazenda. Come on, boy. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re in the entry
way of the main house. This painting was just
painted by my godson. He’s a musician and a painter. So we’re entering the
master bedroom now, and this is a picture taken
by a brilliant photographer. That’s a photograph that
I took several years ago. It’s one of my favorite pieces. I love the soul in her eyes. In each place that
I live, I honor her. I would not be here, I
would not have the life that I have without being
blessed by this woman. So she is present in every home. [APPLAUSE] Did you see that, Twitch? Do you like it? I did see that. [LAUGHS]


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