Let’s Paint a Simple Daisy, Acrylic

A Simple Daisy Painting, Acrylic Well hello everybody, are you anxious to
see what I’m up to today? I can’t wait to show you! I tell you, first of all I want to
mention that Maryland she’s a very good viewer friend of mine she has requested
something very simple so today is all about simplicity a very very simple
painting! And also I have been, I’ve been doing something else that I’m going to
share with you, they’ll be just a short segment on that and then just another
little short segment after that showing you two different parts of something, and
then I’ll just get right into my videos so, let’s go see what it is! So my sister
and I decided we needed to get busy and paint some rocks, we haven’t done that
for a while and it is so much fun she had I really enjoy this, she is very
good at it I am just you know, I just kind of play with it. I don’t I don’t
think it’s a very good stuff but it’s it’s just fun to do and I enjoy it so
anyway this is like a few of the things that I have done in the last couple of
days and I did this one from the tutorial that I did that I thought was
really cute, and then there’s we’ve got apple blossoms, and and oh remember
that rock that my husband found in the yard I told you boy that looks like a
little schnauzer? Well guess what? I finished that one today and I thought oh
my gosh that is so cute I may have to just keep this one for myself I don’t
know I may not be able to part with this one. We’ll see I don’t know. Anyway that’s
what I’ve been up to. So now you have seen the raw painting the unfinished
painting on the rocks and so now this is the finish. And what we’ve done is we put
a nice little shine on all the rocks and this just brings a new dimension to rock
painting which is just ever so much fun I do
I think everybody should try it! Rocks are free there in your yard there in the
lake there in the river there just everywhere, and so it’s a lot of fun to
paint on rocks, and just all this little guy I just love him like I said I don’t
know if I’m gonna be able to part with him. Anyway so now you’ve seen the before
and the after and I just really think that’s nice!
So let’s get right to the real video. I’ll tell you, I have been asked by a lady by
the name of Monica if I would just show my process of working in my sketchbook
and doing paintings in my sketchbook, and so that’s what I’m going to do today
just a simple little thing, this I use this sketchbook more for painting than I
do for actual sketching, but anyway she wanted to see this and I think many of
you were probably interested in that also, so let’s just go ahead and do that. Okay we’ll just use this one, I’m using
my acrylic paints I’m using my my famous a homemade acrylic medium extender I
love this stuff this is so great! And I’ve been getting a lot of letters from
people who are making my formula saying how much they really do enjoy it, so
that’s fantastic I’m happy to hear that! So anyway Monica we are gonna do this one for you, I should probably do a little sketch first just to give you an idea of
what we’re doing, we’re just going to have some sky here, a little grassy area
here, a pretty sky, and let’s have like a stem here, this is going to be so
simple, an oval right here, and we’re going to do a daisy! Like I said this will be very very
simple it’s just to give you an idea of how I use my sketchbook is so easy and
it’s so fun, and let’s see we’ll have a leaf leaf down here, maybe a leaf over
here, they’re very complicated huh? Okay to start out, you know I know what I’m
going to use, I’m going to use my blender, I love my blender brush this 3/4 inch even
though this is a small and what I’d call canvas, I love using this brush. So anyway
I’m dipping into my medium to start and I’m going to just what I do is just
cover my paper and go right over my drawing now yes this will buckle your
paper a little bit but that’s ok because eventually it dries out pretty smooth
and keep dipping into that medium and now I want to go into white because I
want to put white in the sky here. So I’m putting the white in and coming all the way
down to the grassy area. And with paper yes you do have to use
more medium because it dries it soaks into the paper and it dries pretty rap
rapidly but you know if you just want to do something that it’s just for practice
and you you want to try something out before you actually put it on a canvas
this is fantastic! Okay I’m going to go let’s just hit a little bit of yellow
here and we’ll just go down here at the bottom just a little yellow, you know I
like colorful skies right? Yes I do! And then a touch of red with some white
because I don’t want this to red I just want sort of a pinky color, that’s good just keep coming up and then I think, and
the colors I’m using are just basic colors, I’m just using my red blue yellow
green just basic colors except for this turquoise, now this turquoise is a little
bit different. I love this turquoise and I use this a lot. This is a very nice
nice nice pastel sky, and I’m just sort of blending these colors in, and as I get
towards the top a little more medium a little white and some blue. See now this is curling but that’s okay
it doesn’t bother me in the least. Like I say as it dries it will straighten out
some. So you can paint on paper with acrylic, and using my medium which really
helps, excuse me, okay and then towards the bottom I’m going to go into a little
green because this will be grassy area down here, can be a little blue little
green and I’m not going to get too fussy with
that right now. I do want it darker at the bottom though for sure. And perhaps yellow right in here kind of
like highlight color, and just kind of bring this up a little
bit so it’s kind of like grassy area, see now wasn’t that simple? And I’m going to
let this background dry first before I continue, so I’m going to turn on my
dryer and when I do this I do it on low and I do it slow. Now I really really prefer to let this
dry overnight when I do a painting because I like to make sure it’s really
really dry, so anyway okay I’m going to rinse out this brush and set that one
aside. And I want to go you know, start on my flower now, so I’m going to dip into
my medium go into white and let’s tint this flower, how about just kind of a
light bluish color, so I’m going to mix a pile, and you can’t see this but I’m just
mixing mixing white and blue and just a touch of black which just kind of grays
the blue a little bit, makes it a kind of an interesting pretty color. Okay
now this is going to be a dark daisy to start with, anyway let’s just go ahead
and let’s just go ahead and start, there’s a petal, let’s do a petal on the
other side, and I’m coming right in towards the center here, let’s do another
one, just a very very simple simple Daisy. More medium, good this is a very dark
Daisy I know but that’s okay it doesn’t make any difference. Okay
rinse that brush out and let’s go into a little green with a touch of brown and
a touch of medium. That just kind of diffuses the green, that makes it not
quite such a bright green, the the actual green I’m using is a Sap green, the blue
is an Ultramarine blue. Okay I’m going to start here and I’m going to make my stem
and right into the grass. And I’m going to make a leaf, some blue
some green a touch of brown, I have no idea what a daisy leaf looks like so
this is a generic made-up one, and I know they’re kind of wiggly so we’ll just
kind of wiggle it, that’ll that’ll work just fine. A little blue little green a
little brown, and let’s do one here, oh not quite jiggly enough, there we
go, okay so there is my stem probably a wider here coming down and into my grass
okay. rinse off, and now I want to start doing my
highlight colors. So this is this is kind of wet but that’s okay I think we’ll
just go along with it anyway. So what I want to do now is start
highlighting, and let’s just have our light coming in, we’ll just say is coming
in this way, so I’m getting a whole bunch of white just pure white, and if the
light is coming in this way these would be the flowers, the petals that would get
the most light. Need more medium, you want it to feel kind of slippery I guess
that’s how I would tell you what it feels like it’s just kind of slippery
kind of like when you’re painting with oil, and you use an oil medium, well
that’s what this is like. It needs to have that slipperiness. Now this side it will not be so bright, and we’ll go over this multiple times
because as you know, you acrylic painters, the acrylic just dries darker, it just
sort of fades it doesn’t doesn’t keep its vibrancy like oil does. So I’m wiping
off my brush, now I want to highlight just with a little bit of green and
yellow just green and yellow mixed together and I just want to highlight
these leaves here just a little bit a little bit more. And probably the stem here would be,
lets do it this way, the stem here would be a little bit lighter also. I’m blending that
down into the grass. Okay rinsing that off, because there
would be a shadow if your light was coming in, you would have a shadow there
so let’s go into some green some blue brown and black, and let’s just kind of
make a darker area here. Rinse my brush and blot and kind of just
blend this out. I’m just lifting up. There!
Because that definitely would have a little bit of shadow. You know a lot of
you have asked me how come I don’t do premieres anymore? Well I’ll tell you I
when they first come out with the premieres I started doing them, and I
found that I was stepping on toes no matter what time I would try and do a
premiere, somebody else was also doing it at the same time, and I got so that I
felt I kind of felt bad about being on at the same time as everybody else was,
so I just decided no, I’m not going to do that, you guys are just going to have to
put up with me doing a regular video. Ok in here I’m going to come in and just
put some color in here, now this is just a little bit of red and yellow which
makes kind of an orange, and I’m to that I’m going to add a little brown at the
base here, just a little bit of brown. So anyway I
hope that’s ok with you guys and you don’t miss the premieres too much. Ok
rinse the brush, and as this white is drying I’m going to go ahead and
highlight on that white again, so more white a little bit of medium, what I’m working with here I don’t know
if you can see it, I’m just working with this little tray, that’s my favorite
little tray, and you can see I just have a mix mash of colors here. Anyway ok
let’s go ahead and highlight the white again, each time you do this with the
white it becomes brighter and more vibrant. You know we probably, excuse me, probably
just the tips here. These froggies, I don’t know about these froggies in the
throat, just the tips. You know, I want to talk about something else too. I have had
so many personal letters from people who are struggling with the fear factor. You
know when you go, and you want to do a painting, and you almost start shaking in
your boots because you get so nervous, and you start thinking oh my God, I can’t
do this! Well all these things go through your mind, and I’ll tell you, I go
through the very same thing! I get so nervous before making a tutorial. I mean
I really get nervous, and I’ve found the best way for me to get over that fear is
just, what I do is, I put paint on my palette. And if you’re like me you don’t
want to waste anything, because that’s the way I was brought up, you do not
waste anything! My grandma taught me that. And so once that, once you have paint
on your palette, well then you have to pick up a brush and make that first
stroke. And that’s kind of what it’s all about, you just sometimes, you just don’t
feel like it, you have to force yourself, and I do that a lot, I force myself,
because I just I don’t do it naturally. I still have a big fear factor. I don’t
know if that’s shyness or what it is, but anyway yeah, I have a fear factor. There
so that’s pretty good I like that Daisy!
Okay rinse the brush, and I want to make this Center a little more vibrant, so I’m
going to go into some red a little yellow Oh even got some green in there that’s
cool! Okay I’m just doing little taps, this is
not like a real Daisy this is kind of like a a fantasy Daisy, is there such a
thing? We’ll call it a fantasy Daisy. Anyway just little taps, I also added a
little white to this this time, just kind of kind of to bring it out a little bit
more, and actually we could even add a little of this in the leaf color this
reddish orangish color, that’s always pretty. This is really pretty after you
varnish it, you know looking at it like this is not that great, but then you put
a little varnish on it and it gets a nice little shine, and it becomes very
pretty! Okay actually let’s even put some of this in the grass. Multiple colors and your painting is
wonderful, it just kind of ties things together. Okay let’s rinse the brush again, I do so
much rinse rinsing but that’s okay. I think that is it except that with a
liner brush, if I can find it, here it is, I’m going to add, I you know me, got to have
those little birdies! So with a little brown a little black, just a tiny bit
here, and let’s just way off in the distance, let’s just add a bird. Way off, there, I like that, that’s so cute. Anyway I have just a ton of new
subscribers lately and I just really really want to thank all of you for
joining my channel. I hope you really find things that are inspiring and that
you really, things you want to paint, I enjoy teaching I love teaching, if you
have questions I’d love to answer your questions, just feel free to write to me
any time. I’m going to go in, I’m going to darken these corners of the grass right
now, now this is just a flat bristle brush
just a plain old boar bristle brush, and I’m doing green blue maybe a touch of
brown here and there and let’s just go across the bottom here. And a little more medium probably not many of you are into
Daisies but that’s okay it’s just something fun and different to do. I
think maybe we’ll just even have a couple that might even come up higher. Yeah that’s nice. I like that. Okay put some yellow in
there just kind of to highlight the center a
little bit, yeah that’s good. Okay rinse that brush
out, and now what I want to do is dry this because I want this painting
completely dry first before I go any further and I’ll show you what cute
little thing I’m going to do with this! Again I’m drying on low and slow. Okay the next thing I want to do, and
this you’ll probably get a kick out of, this is just my little sharpie it’s just
a black fine point marker. I’m, and you notice how this, see how this paper it
starts to buckle at first, but then it then it straightens out, and this was
what was this a Strathmore I think, yes Strathmore sketchbook. I’ll put the link
down below so that you can see it and I’ll also put the link down below to the
paint’s that I’m the using which is Liquitex heavy body acrylics. You don’t
have to use these you can use any paints that you’re comfortable with, but I like
these. So what I’m going to do now, I’m going to take this black marker pin and
I’m just going to go here like so and come down and maybe make a few
little lines here and there just for the leaf pattern, and then up to the flower
itself, and notice that I’m just making really jiggly lines not real smooth not
real neat, this this is fantasy, this isn’t real, so we’re just doing this just
kind of outlining these petals, this will loosen you up if you feel like your
painting is too tight, this will loosen you up a bunch! Okay down here we’ll
just put a few little specks and then a little darker down here, and sometimes we
have a little bit of a indent in the flower, and also coming out here, there and if you want you can take and
scribble in a little bit of some of the grasses. And we could also outline a bird, and I
don’t know how much you want to get carried away but if you feel so inclined
you could take like a gold marker, this is a Sharpie metallic gold, and this
one is an extremely fine point, extra fine I guess it’s called, and if you want
you can even go on the inside of your black line, and just sort of mark, and you
know what that does it gives your your painting a little bit of a sparkle!
Because it’s metallic the light hits it and it shines kind of neat, so anyway
this is how all I’m doing just kind of outlining where I put the black in, I’m
not being neat at all, sometimes you have to touch this so that
the ink comes out, otherwise you know ink will come out if you don’t have it if
you don’t touch that tip down, whoa, there there it came, came out good that time! And I have to go over these some a
little bit again. Ok I think that’s it for this little
tutorial, so anyway this was just for fun I hope you enjoyed it. So do some
doodling come up with some fun things of your own you send me a picture if you
like, and if you’re new to my channel I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you
subscribe, and you just have a fabulous day!
Love to everyone, bye bye


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