LET’S TRY SOMETHING CRAZY! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Watercolor Ink + Baby Krink

Today we’re making art with the September… Art Snacks Plus box. Well, not the box but like, the contents of the box… [Satisfying rip sound] Anyway, let’s find out what’s inside [Chuckles] ♪ Inside our bubble wrap bag, we have this month’s candy, which is Laffy Taffy. We have a Marvy water brush, with a large tip. Some Daler Rowney Aquafine watercolor ink. The color looks really familiar. I like how it looks. And it is in the color Cobalt Blue Hue. We also have the two menus for this month. We have the regular Art Snacks box menu, As well as the Art Snacks Plus menu with its exclusive supplies. Lastly this tissue paper with some more supplies inside. I never do this very this very gracefully [deep inhale] Alright looks like – Oh there’s a lot in here! This pixelated camo Art Snacks sticker… This Princeton number 8 “Snap!” filbert brush. We have two… Midline brush pens. One side is a super fine nib
and the other side has a brush nib I’m gonna guess these are watercolor ink of some kind. [Thud] We have a small LePen Flex – also by Marvy and made in Japan – felt-tip pen is what it looks like, but it’s a very, very fine point. Not only is the barrel teal but it looks like the ink is also teal. Sometimes you can never tell you know. And finally this hot pink Krink marker. You know, I like Krink markers, but they are stinky, so now I got to open a window. This is the K 11 and is in the color fluorescent pink. So if you’ve never used these before
they are paint inside of a marker and you have to prep them. So you give ’em a little shake. Then you press them down on the nib to release the ink. [squeegee squeegee] Wow look how bright that stuff is! I’m excited to use that one. [Paper crinkling] and finally because this is the Art Snacks Plus box, it always comes with a full-size pad of paper. This time it looks like it is plein air mixed media art boards. This thing is very thick. [Laughs] There’s only ten sheets. So these are going to be… Quite thick. Oh! Oh, they have their logo on the back. That’s interesting. Yeah, they – [fingers tapping, laughs] The wibblewobble factor is minimum. [More finger tapping and laughing] How cool is that!? Open This is everything in the September Art Snacks Plus box. I do have to send a big thank you to Art Snacks for not only sending me this box to
try out and to share with you guys, but for also sponsoring the videos so that I can
give away my art supplies almost every week. So I will be doing a giveaway of these art supplies, there’ll be a link down in the description, as well as a link to Art Snacks’ official website, where you can order either the Art Snacks
or the Art Snacks Plus box, and I’ve been given a code “WAFFLES”
for 10% off your first order, on either the Art Snacks or the
Art Snacks Plus box subscription. Thanks Art Snacks, and I’m really excited to have a little fun with these. [Laughs] Before I pass them along. So this honestly is really exciting. (I don’t know if anyone else realizes this) [Even more finger tapping] Test out the supplies. Feels like a shame testing these
on this awesome art board. Maybe if I keep it up in the top corner, it won’t be such a waste. It’s almost like a brush nib. It has a bit of a – well a flex to it. Yeah, it’s water based so if you keep going over the same spot, it’s going to start ripping up the paper. Let’s try these two. All right. This one’s vermilion and this one is pink. Okay, these look like they’re water-based as well. I don’t want to go to the sink. Ha heh! Heh, heh, heh. All full, that didn’t take long at all. I wonder if we should just put the ink
into here instead of putting water into it. and that creates our own like brush pen. We’ll see. I haven’t made up my mind. See if we have any effects… on what we’ve already placed! Okay, this one’s definitely lifting. (Aw, I love these markers!) And this one is so bright, I wonder if I can lift that with water before it dries. Oh, it dries pretty fast! Yeah, and then once it’s dry it doesn’t really do much. Some really strange colors so far. Whenever I start swatching the supplies, I try to like visualize – Hmm, how would I use this? How to use that? And right now, Nothing’s like jumping out at me. All right, let’s test out the watercolour ink One is straight ink, one I added water to and it’s kind of like separating. We need to mix it. It does seem to be really opaque, which is cool. Get some with the water… It definitely lightens it up a bit. Definitely gonna need a little
brainstorming session here. [Laughs] Figure out how I can use these
colors in some cohesive way. That doesn’t look like garbage. They didn’t include a pencil, so I’m gonna grab one of my own. My mechanical pencil must be somewhere else. [Laughs] So I have to use this. Just start warming up. Loosening up that wrist, Drawing something I’m good at before
I try drawing something I’m not so good at. [Hehe] That’s usually a good plan. Just some kind of face with space buns! and I can also like throw colors on it to
see how they interact with each other, That may be swatching didn’t quite tell me. Give her a cute outfit maybe. I don’t think these colors are going to work in an illustration, kind of like the one I’ve been putting together right now. Only because of – they’re all pretty vibrant. So I’m not sure a character would be the right way to go. There’s no wrong way to experiment, so I just gotta… Throw it on there. Then I picture like the hot pink, Kind of creating a sticker shape around her. Let’s do it right on top of the wet ink
and see what happens. Never tried that. It kind of blends together. This marker doesn’t look quite as
opaque when I paint it over the wet, because it’s obviously mixing
with the color underneath it. Oh, it’s not quite as opaque as I thought it was. You can still kind of see the pencil. Maybe erase the face a little and go over it with our LePen. I think these actually look kind of nice together so far. Now that these have dried, You can see the ink that I didn’t mix with any water doesn’t have a whole lot of texture on it. It’s got a nice clean finish and then as I added water it kind of gets noisier. Then obviously lighter as well, but I just had a pretty good idea. I think this color is reminding me of
sort of like a vintage denim. So I drew this little guy. [Laughs] All decked out denim and I thought this color would be really fun for like, you know how denim has that contrasting thread. If we use this Krink marker for that, so! That is what I think I want to go with. I’m gonna draw like a big one here and if I really like it, then we can move on maybe to filling an entire – [More finger tapping! Board, We got a face. [Laughs] I always do this, I just use little lines
to kind of signify where I want things because if you put too much detail into the face, before you’ve even drawn the body, you’re gonna run into a bunch of trouble. You want to be nice and quick and really lay out the character before you start putting in too much detail. Nice HUGE collar. [Laughs] Hopefully these hands are being
drawn the correct direction! Don’t wanna make that mistake again. Isn’t quite looking the way I pictured. I’m gonna give it a few minutes to see if I can salvage it. But if I don’t like it after that, I’ll probably try something new . I think it’s just this shoulder area. Let me just – I think I might be able to get this. If we twist it a little bit, so a shoulder
would be here other shoulder’s down here Some neck muscles. Brows are flipped around too. I want this close brow to be the lower.
I don’t know. We’ll figure that out. Let me lower the arms down. Give him
a little bit of a chicken dance pose. But he’s like tugging on his coat. Just gotta slowly work at it. It is growing on me. Kinda trying to mix it between
a leather jacket in a denim jacket. I’m gonna give him little finger-less gloves. Just need to figure out the hair situation and then I might be ready to start – Actually, I don’t know what the first step would be. Would it be adding color or trying to maybe do the line art. Oh, I can’t do line art first if I’m using that because it does reactivate with water. So color I guess is the first step. Feel like it’s pretty soft and fluid. Doesn’t look too stiff. Trying to like create the illusion that this collar is folding, so I’m trying to like draw the underside
and the inside at the same time! All right, so I think step one – Goodbye nice sketch – is going to be erasing… Lightly. As you can still see pencil underneath this ink and we want that to be minimal. [Eraser thudding] ♪ Make sure I stay inside the line. This… brush can get really really thin if you twist it, so I’ve been using that. Fill in some of the smaller shapes. I think I’m gonna add a little bit more water to this. For these layers that are kind of overlapping. What’s cool about this watercolor ink is
that it cleans up real, real easy! [Laughs] I think I would like it to be a lighter blue wash for the pants as well. So I’m gonna go in with our water mixture there. See now I’m getting that texture. Oh, yeah, that’s perfect! I probably should have done the top that way too. It’s giving it that like noisy texture that reminds me so much more of denim. Think I’ll use the LePen Flex and outline some of my favorite lines here. Well, you can get a nice fine point with this. If you push harder you can get a thicker line. This is a pretty cool pen. Look at that cheekbone! [Oourgh] Kind of messed up the nose right at the last second, that little top line was supposed
to be upwards a little bit more. That’s not entirely realistic but… What do I draw that is entirely realistic? What does it look like on top of blue? Interesting. With this character, I had this like fluorescent pink. I kinda want to do that. Around the eyes and everything. Could even color in the ears pink. It kind of looks like Mouse ears, now that they’re pink. Add shading with this. Even just outline it maybe. A finer point brush would work a lot better for this. [Laughs] I just spilled some ink down here [pffft] I’m gonna make it look like a foot, even though that’s not where the foot would be. This is dry. I can try adding some of that contrasting thread. Adding little dashes all down the leg. See how I feel about this! [Hmm-m-mmm] I don’t know. I’m a sketcher! As soon as I start adding color, I fall out of love. Just put my finger in it! At least he has hands now. I’m gonna go ahead and color in the hair… With this and since it is… Water-soluble, I can pull one of these! Mix it all around. Plan is to kind of just blend out the strokes. So you can’t tell I used a pen. Ooh, it does feel like the paper’s ripping a little. But not to the point where obviously I’m
gonna put a hole in it. It’s just like a thin layer. It’s kind of lifting. I’m gonna try using this Vermillion brush and add some sh -. No, I don’t like that, I don’t like that. Ew! It’s muddy! Noooooooo! Stay away from this color, it just doesn’t fit the color scheme [grunts] Add some seams in and some buttons! This is lovely this color looks on top of white. It must be a little bit transparent. Which is why I wanna put it on top of the blue, it kind of turns into a purple. Which I don’t quite love as much as this a very vibrant pink. I feel like I just wasted one of these boards. [Laughs] [Deep inhale… Urgh!] Jeez, look at – this is so thick. Oh my gosh. [Bang] That’s not a piece of paper. Well, I guess it said it was an art board. So I guess it is not a piece of paper. [Chuckles] I was right. I bet I could put like an acrylic
painting on top of this and salvage this. So it doesn’t go to waste. I bet it would hold up too. But I did learn how the art supplies work together on it. So I definitely can pour the ink basically. Oh! Pour the ink. Oh, I’m tempted. I am going to – Here, I’m gonna turn this canvas. [Bang, bang] What I’m going to do is I’m going to use my pencil because (I like pencils) We’re gonna draw something and then I want to pour ink on top of it. Just gonna draw, just a character… It’s all I ever draw, right? I’m gonna try and like render – Well, probably render it to the point
that I rendered this one (before I erased it.) ‘Cause I kind of liked the way that looked at that point. I just want to really take advantage of these artboards and the fact that they are just
such a “thick piece of paper.” [Laughs] Just going over all the lines, darkening them up! All right, we got a face. That’s a good start. I don’t know why I keep giving
everyone these monkey ears. I’m just going through a phase [Laughs] I’ll probably look back on it and be like, “What was I thinking!?” But I am not there yet. Ears are not lined up. Holy moly. Better. I just need some kind of simple hairstyle because I kind of want the… focal point to be obviously the
crazy ink that I just destroyed my art with. [Laughs] Just a simple ponytail. Well I could give her bangs then. It’s like some side-swept stuff like that. Then the bangs could become the rest of this hair stuff Kind of like her small little bitty mouth. This ear is not working. [Laughs] [URGH!] Work with me here! Heh, work with me ear. I don’t mind leaving it a little sketchy. This is just an experiment anyway, but I’ll finish some of this because I just wanna! There we go. Got a nice a little classy sketch. I think the first thing I might want to do, is just add an ink border. So grab that paintbrush. Where ever I put it. Kinda just fill out the outside of the character. Just to get like a nice harsh edge. And then we’ll see what happens (after that.) He, he, he, he. I definitely prefer the ink, unless I’m trying to do denim. [Laughs] Solid ink because it’s less textured. I’m gonna take this dropper and start by
just dropping along the outside edge here ♪ Kind of just… Drip a bunch. Kind of keep it sporadic maybe. I wonder if I can lift this up and it’ll drip. Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah! Yes, I love that. Although some of them didn’t drip. So maybe I should drip them straight off the page. ♪ What I’m gonna do is put some up here! I could blow on it, that might – Oh it like spreads out. Neh, not really looking I’m looking for. I’m gonna go ahead and fill in more… Here, now that I’m not going to be lifting it any more. Just kind of get rid of the lighter texture that I didn’t like as much for this – for what I’m doing. When those dry, I do think I want to add a few more in specific places and then lift it so that it drips but I can’t do that right now
because obviously these are still… [Laughs] Wet. I can just tap it and get little dots. [Tap, tap, tap] Actually I can do this. Yeah, when this dries, I’m gonna use this too and I’m gonna like push up against it while it’s sideways and then it’s going to drip. Add this on top of the graphite, ‘Cause I love me some pink noses. [Laughs] That’s a little crazy but that’s fine. Can I like, grab it like this and blend it out? A little bit. Uh, huh! Yes, this don’t really lift, you gotta to be real quick. Faster than me! Ooh! So this is the Krink mixed with the water, and whatever little residue of blue ink was there and fell down. It’s kind of a pretty purple. Just add in lighter blush here and there. Yeah, that’s kind of cute. Let’s let that dry and then I’m really excited to add like a bunch more of this Krink marker. But I think we need to wait for the
ink to dry first so that I don’t ruin it! All right, let’s do that. So this is all dry now. Dry enough where I can do what I want to do. So what I’m going to do is pump this up. *Sings* Pumpin’ up the party now. And first I want to just outline the character. For a fun… abstract pop of color. It also just kind of cleans up the edge. See if I can get this to work. I had a little bit of trouble with this last time. So you gotta… Splotch, hold it down… Help. [Laughs] And it’s not really working. Can still add some polka dots. Ah, look at the contrasting colors! So pretty. let’s just put a bunch in here. [Loud tapping] Over the drawing. (Huh, Oh, I love that one!) That seems to be the best way to do it. [More loud tapping] I do want to try and go and add some teal. Although I really like that mixed – I really like the teal… When I add water to it, I like that pastel color. It also can do such a nice fine little point! Could color in the eyes with this. That might make them pop a little more. It’d be subtle, but I think it’s worth it. Could I draw my own drips, see if I can make it actually look like a drip? Yeah, maybe. So at this point the only supply I haven’t used is this… Vermillion, which I’m terrified of. All right, clean out this little palette of mine. Try to just draw a bunch of lines with this and then add water You should have a nice TEAL! Kinda wanna just color in, shade the hair with this. Oooh! Just very subtle. Just add a little wherever it needs it. Oh, no, the nose is bleeding! The nostril. What happened? I added water down there and there was some of this used on the nostrils and now we have a little bit of a mistake! I kind of have an idea to fix it though, so. Wish me luck. Luckily I haven’t used any of that ink down here. All right need to fix these nostrils. [Laughs] I can either use a white gel pen, or I can try something a little crazy and use this to light the underside of the nose. Oh, shoot, it’s still wet, though. [Laughs] Yeah, it seems to be a little too dark. I’m sure it’s completely dry. The white gel pen is going to be in order. [Laughs] I just keep making it worse! Figures, right in the middle of the face! Try and lighten up the underside of the nose. With the gel pen. Bring back what once was lost! Maybe if I just keep going over the pink,
It’ll eventually be light enough. Now she looks like she has a cold. Achoo! It looks like she’s doing some kind of weird Pledge of Allegiance. I mean, it looks better than the massive nostrils. [Laughs] I just wanted to be happy with this. WHY!? I really think a drip should be right here. Let that one fall… That ones a nice thick one, that one should fall. Fall down! Why are you falling to the left!? [Even more tapping] I want it to go a lot further than that! I don’t know, I’m just trying to distract from that honker right there. I mean she could be like Waluigi’s sister or something. I call this piece “Mistakes Are Part of the Process #0405” If you’re not experimenting, you probably aren’t learning anything. Oh my gosh, oh! I did it! I’m so nervous. [Laughs] I don’t think I said anything when I was doing that. So worried I’d mess it up. OH NO! [literally smacks head] I had it perfect and I just went and put my… Dumb hand in it. Anyway. [Laughs] Here’s what I made today. We have some sketches and doodles and swatches and more swatches and sketches and doodles. [Laughs] I really like the colors. They remind me of Magna Girl. Probably should have just drawn her. Yeah, I kind of like the paint ball splotchy effect. I do want to thank you guys for watching. Hope you enjoyed watching me
experiment with some new art supplies from the September Art Snacks Plus box. If you are interested in getting your own Art Snacks box, I’ll have that link in the description right next to the giveaway link Where I’ll be giving away these art supplies to one of you. I want to thank you again for watching
and I’ll see you guys all next week. Hope you have a delicious evening full of Waffles! Bye! ♪


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