Lily’s ART CLASS 2 :D – Toast & My Persona

Hi guys, thanks for watching as per usual this video was sponsored by crunchyroll head over to For that free 14-day trial and Crunchyroll is actually doing something new and they’re trying out Crunchyroll movie nights. You know movie nights It’s an event that’s going to take place in December 6th, 9th, and 10th And they’re going to show Black Clover in select theaters in the US and Canada It’s a way to promote a different kind of community viewing experience so if you’re interested please head over to for tickets and Who knows I might attend one of the days to just keep a lookout on my Twitter for which day in which theater. And of course support anime and watch anime while you do it. Go to For a 14-day trial and as always thank you so much for watching have a wonderful day and Bye-Bye! Alright so the- the assignment was to draw me. Not draw me in a trash can. I don’t know what you’re trying to imply Okay toast is like fairly simple to draw: draw an oval shape. It’s like a sunglass I hat; another mustache; wow that’s really fucking easy. Holy shit alright. We’re coloring this one So you want to draw that oval shape and then finish the square body Let’s make it like actual 3d toast right. The hat is super easy It’s like a little boat almost mustaches super easy super self-explanatory, right If you want to get little fancy put a little gradient at the top I would give it a Gradient in the middle too, to give it that burnt look, and then because I draw everything with blushes I would also give him a blush. This is how – m- my version of toast. Let’s see your toast drawings guys I don’t think toast smokes So I’m gonna I might have to deduct points for that 80-80… 89 % toast. You clearly plagiarized I don’t really appreciate Plagiarism in my class I think plagiarism is a huge deal And if you get caught you should be like kicked out of school or something. Yo- you Plag- this is clear c(l)ase of plagiarism like… I do not tolerate this in my class. You get a big fat zero percent. I’m gonna give this uh.. yo-you tried your best Still better than Fed. 71%. Maybe there was some confusion I wanted a toast drawing, I didn’t want a toast𝑒𝑟 drawing maybe you misread the Assignment or something which that’s fine like shit happens um But you did misread the assignment I’m gonna.. This is like a null grade, like you have Until next week to hand me the correct assignment or I’m gonna have to fail you buddy I’m sorry. Really good drawing, so I’m gonna have to give this is 71% 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹 better than Fed *manic laughter* What the fuck? You incorporated stuff from the first lesson and put it in the third lesson, and I really – I appreciate that that’s really meta. You know I Can dig it 90% I would eat this- piece of toast they even put stuff from the second lesson, the scarra- this guy’s actually a god; that 90% is becoming a 98% You’re the guy that never finishes Finishes the friggin’ potato, I’m the deducting points for this again, okay? *crunch on asmr toast* Eating break You’re the reason why I actually went and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich So I’m gonna give you a 94. A toast mirror with Temmie (the rat) in it I’m gonna give you a 95% I noticed like your effort right over here where you crossed it out like I see the outline of your effort I’m gonna take that into consideration when I grade 81% don’t worry, that’s still passing, and it’s still better than Fed’s I feel like this deviated from the assignment a little, but I I do appreciate you adding the butter ssssssss- 71% needs, it’s- It’s better than Fed’s, all I can tell you… This toast looks really high 87% All right we have a qui-… You are not Niomi, I know you’re not Niomi! Did you- are you trying to hand in another student’s assignment? Using their name, that’s that’s against the rules. I’m gonna have to give you a zero for this like that’s- that’s clear That’s on par with plagiarism I do not tolerate that in my class okay use my name wrong academic dishonesty in my class no [laughs] you literally pl- you literally plugged in your- This is null- I can’t grade this I’m gonna give you an, uhh… 90… 95.4% Am I eating him?? I’m not grading this N/A It’s a good drawing, I’ll give you a 90% okay moving on This is the-… this is the reason why- why there’s no curve in this class anymore Freaking Sae, like coming in with his art skills [giggle] What a nerd… God dammit Sae you get a 99.4% What is this? Very interesting Direction you went with it. I’m gonna give you an 85% This is a pretty cute toast I’m gonna give this a 89.34% this toast has nipples…? [laughs] Jesus Christ I appreciate where you’re going with it um I’m gonna give this a 90.3 Very Good! I’m gonna give you a 99.- Four hundred and one [Laughs] You can’t keep doing this 97.81% this guy drew a loaf of to–like loaf of bread Alright, I’ll give you a ninet–87 percent? It was a solid effort give me a 75 percent. You’re like the student in the class who like puts little clift– –notes, CliffsNotes besides his answers to justify like why he did what he did? I’m gonna give you an 89.9% which is basically 89%, which is basically 90 Alright, so remember what I said about plagiarism. I don’t tolerate that at all like no plagiarism Please in my class. Thank you very much in 92 Jimmy- I’m gonna give you a 99 point question mark percent it’s a closest I can get to 100% is really cute Kimmy I really like this one Alright, I’m gonna teach you guys how to charm a persona- basics of my chibis They’re all a circle at first, okay And the oval remember this was part of the scarra lesson too – it’s because it just helps me like outline the shape look better for the eyes Basically like two ovals and the little thingy at the top for eyelashes for the eyebrows you want to draw a radish It’s like a little like a little daikon like half radish shape an open mouth And then like have a little line in the middle so it’s like she’s like laughing and stuff And I’m like maybe a little blush stuff. Okay, when you have to face shape right? This is her skull in the middle right over here You want it on one strand of bang like right there? And then you want to draw the other one right behind it This is like her trademark pink hair bang stuff anyway, and then you draw the rest of the hair Just drape it over try your best. You can do it. I Believe in you. You want to draw her Lily Which is you literally just like draw a petal draw another petal and draw another petal And then draw another and draw another petal wow you have a flower You look just like connected, right? So, for my shirt , an upside down triangle and then draw like the little thingy and then draw two lines Perfect beautiful oh my god, okay? maybe like make her mouth not open because she’s not in active pose look at that Wow looks wonderful beautiful and Start line “arting”. I did is really fast, okay Well I’m amazing I could of shaded in a way to include the highlights right so for example I’ll shade the hair, but I purposely won’t color this part to give it like that’ Highlighting effect without having to like use two colors, if that makes sense, I do it a lot But you take Gary and then if you don’t want to like shade the entire thing I would just use the same pink shade to give her the blush and Then like you get a little nice yellow shape and do the same exact thing I did with their hair like give it a bit Of a highlight. Alright I’m so excited for my first one all right here. We go I I feel like you tried your best like I do see the effort, and you need to put in colors, and you made me say “TEEMO” I don’t know why I don’t really say “TEEMO” much 59% No, this is a very solid Lilly. I’m gonna give it a 75%. I see the effort. It’s very good You obviously put a lot of work into it 79% You probably took my class before or something and you’re just retaking it and you know all the answers right? Actually, this isn’t this is a solid this is 99% actually like actually this is really good. This is something I would draw Do you see this? Lily: I can’t stop*laughing*
Other Person: I couldn’t hold it in*laughing* The more I look at this The more I’m starting to–I noticed certain things like the tentacle hair, the fact that you didn’t color in my hair But just said Pink, the little flowers sticking on top of my hair and the tentacle hair holding a Cup of coffee or something with a picture of a poop on it? Wait, and I’m not holding it by the handle Either, like what the f—-? Alright, this is obviously abstract so You know what, there was an effort. I’m gonna give you 60%. I like it. It’s very cute, good job So I don’t think you understood the assignment Fully I’m gonna give you till next week to submit another one But now this is a null passing grade–like I’m not–I refused to create this But when you do submit another one you are going to lose a full 10 points for the late assignment, ok? yeah, you know I gonna give you a 52% on that…it’s creeping me out I’m *word* done You’re the same person *laughs* Oh my god He’s back! The f—–ing tiny face kills me It’s so cute! Oh my god, I’m empty. Uh this is– 99.8% it was pretty fucking good, good job… I don’t I don’t know why I look like I’ve seen some shit Um…60 percent Okay Are those spiders coming out of my eyes? Are those spiderweb I really like this this is dead lily and the Lily you drew is actually amazing. It’s really good. I like that style a lot Oh my god. I’m gonna have to give you a ninety nine point ninety eight percent on this This is so good you get an E for effort Fifty-four percent for you alright listen Plagiarism is really bad. Okay, don’t– Don’t plagiarize. Yeah, I’m gonna have to–oh you know. We’re just a big fat I’m gonna have to schedule a parent conference meeting with you wow I really like this one This is a very good drawing ninety seven point ninety one percent very nice shot. I like this one a lot. Oh my god my mike It’s very abstract, I’m gonna have to deduct points for this we don’t allow bullying and truth in the class I’m gonna give you a 69% for this Yeah, they tried you get a 40% for trying, buddy You


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