Lily’s [Drunk] Art Class 13 ~ XELL aka JOSH

(LilyPichu) Wait, let’s wait to 5 minutes for people to come trickling in okay, what’s your favourite song? Both sing *Intro – Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul OP/Weeb songs) * (LilyPichu) Used bottle, I’m pretty sure that it was fu…- Holy sh!t! It’s almost gone (Xell) Is it gone? (LilyPichu) It’s almost gone… (DrUnk LaUgHtEr) でも(But) * Renai Circulation * More weeb Sh!t (lilyPichu) Alright *cough cough* (Dafuq) (LilyPichu) Alright So today class, we are going to draw Josh Weeb Kim (LilyPichu)Do you think my drawing skills go up or down when I’m DrUnK. Wait your drinking more? Wait, I want to drink more to then. (LilyPichu) There’s nothing.. The original creator of GIF said it was pronounced jiff. Okay. I just want people to know that. I want people know (Random noise) to be aware of that. Today we are gonna to learn how to draw Josh Weeb Kim. Alright Okay, Josh, I need you to calm dow–(laughs) Just draw you with Albert Eric, so easy everyone take a deep breath. Hmm Okay, you need to stop drinking start with the glasses start with the glasses. That’s easy. That’s like knock Give me pupils circle glasses and pupils I Know I have quality time. Have you seen my teeth? I lost every day Like the hipsters like me all day this looks exactly like you why do I look so awkward? I’m a little iffy on the face. I’ma be honest. Okay, like a good face I Have a nose I’m Nessa Jana, but until next year. Hey, I’m Josh Commission so fast five 65 65. Oh, we got a Korean greedy you You you get to grade this time you get to grade this What if I do fifty nine point nine nine nine Point nine nine nine repeating it’s like theoretically mathematically it’s 60, so it’s passing but like I don’t cut a lot of passes, okay Why are you drinking? Why can’t I drink Good because you drink you’re gonna get fucked up So if I drink I will take the bird in front of you Why why why I’m shaking For Warren Warren thus every one of my guests. Yeah, sometimes they put in like little CliffsNotes. Mm-hmm Maybe to garner some sympathy I have worked in 89 I’m gonna give this an 84, you know, sometimes he just come in the right place on the right time just happens, you know with you Joshua Kim 667 that’s it Dora. I might have a couple of extra fingers a seven I have a strong jaw in this oops. I Hear Me when Mike keep our clumsy, it’s Automatic like +10 for me. Yeah 95 That’s definitely a negative because Lily’s in it, so Nine points of all that I guess it’s just a seven I really like it actually but I like it don’t want to like it because you’re in it, but This is at least like a 92, what would you do if you met this guy in the middle of the night? – who’s that supposed to be on the show? What do you think? Sometimes sometimes Somebody – Lilly is perfect. Then she has zero. Oh fuck. I’m keeping this on a name wait No, I said what’s that? was a $0.99 for me buddy And now it’s sell Moyes 97 87 86, I like that one 91 Could you like interpret? If you look really carefully oh my god 93 there is messages inside the messages. Oh my god easily 93 I’m probably under reading that. That’s actually you that’s like this. This is just actually the truth 94 why am I bleeding from my eyes? 82 oh Good actually but that is actually so good 88 This is so funny 93. I’m not a kid. What? Oh my god Scroll down this is a very important thing. You see this right here here circle this point. Yes. Yes. Yes Do you know what we call it? Yes the tire do you and you know what great that is Okay here so the grades go up to s-see be a Us that’s the great yeah Oh My look at you look at you Why do I recognize this? You know what this is from? I don’t know what this is No, I don’t want to know what this is forever a few deal Okay, I’ll let you know. It’s it’s okay. I’m sure it’s Don’t deny it uh-huh ninety four ninety iLike this we can’t so maybe so cute me way too cute 96 96 93 93 so good. This is so good some before seven Do you know how to write seventy four seventy? Yes, that’s seven I will get so much ass. I would have to fight guys off 94 some mash the United States smash boy 89 93 John’s good time what I got days me that’s a posted automatically. That’s at least an idea. Wait You’ve never you haven’t created a single hundred. I’m a tough crazy Beautiful creatures. I like that. You’re falling over like that at least a 92 94 95 95 96. Thank you guys so much Really cool man. All right. This is where you give a heartfelt speech Guys I’ve had a really hard time lately I’ve been so busy with all the things that I do And seeing all of this art that you guys have made for me just makes me so happy and it makes me feel like there’s something to live for you know, like I Work so hard every day and sometimes I really don’t know where it all goes When I see all this stuff, I feel so appreciated. It makes me feel like I could just go go on, you know, I Want to just thank you from the bottom of my heart I’m not actually truly this time. I’ve actually super happy that you guys gave me all of this fan art Because it’s been hard lately and I just Think you guys, that’s all I want to say Thank you so much. Hi guys


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