LIVE ART: All Roads Lead Here

(Music playing.) How are you doing today? Hi. Matt was up hours
before we needed to go. He was showered.
He had my outfit already. Even though he knew
we were gonna be here for ten hours today, he was ready hours beforehand,
waiting for practice today, waiting to be a part of
Live Art. Bye, mom, I’ll see you later. So we have a show to do.
We have a job to do. We’re excited and it’s fun but
we’re gonna be safe, right, and we’re gonna stay
connected to each other. She has some
emotional challenges and sometimes things get
very big for her very fast. We knew when we came to the
Altria things got big again. We took her pictures
outside the front and she was just
thrilled to be a part but then when she came in
there was this big moment of oh my gosh, I’m here and it’s big and
I’m not sure what to do. I guess I can still
see my daughter as that little
tiny baby swaddled up and so I know as soon as
I get up and grab this grown lovely young woman’s hand
and dance with her, it’s gonna be a little emotional but I’m trying not to think
about that right now. When you see the kids and you
start to see what they’ve done and watch them just shine and
then just pour all that love that they’ve put into
the show all year long, it’s kind of like all roads
lead here, you know, and there’s no getting around
it. There’s no detours. It’s like it’s a one-way ticket. (music playing) It’s kind of like being
able to see an eclipse. Live Art is a similar thing. You have this opportunity
to come to a theater and see these kids, these
artists, these volunteers, these techs all moving together to script, poetry, ribbon, music, dance,
paint flying everywhere. It’s a Vegas show that’s landed on Richmond, Virginia,
for two hours. How are you today, sir? Good, how are you doing? Great. Awesome. All the kids, the artists,
the musicians, everybody is waiting for
the moment the song begins and as soon as the music starts
your real self appears.Do you ever get worried
and your load hard to bear?
Because you do walk into it with
a certain sense of unknowingness and as it begins to
pick up after one song, after one dance you start
to go like, oh, that’s it, oh, that’s it
and it becomes this sort of incredible opening and
sort of unveiling of spirit.If you ever need a helping hand.It’s amazing. (Applause.) I think that everybody’s goal
here is to show the audience that everybody here
has something to do, has something to honor
it has something to give. (Cheering.) And she mentioned
to me the other night that she kind of likes hanging
out with people who are kind of maybe not where
she is in terms of ability, maybe beyond where she is but that everybody’s
able to come together and it’s just okay to be
who you are. She loves that. What’s up, guys? (Applause.) Live Art has changed me
throughout the years. I’ve been in it for four years
and I think this is my last one performing with you guys cause
I’m going to college after this. (Applause.) I’m not scared anymore. I would tell my
friends and stuff and they would help me calm down and help me kind of get
focused and stuff. But now, man,
I just love performing. I heard a mom behind me say if you had told me years ago
my son is autistic and I would be doing
a dance onstage with my son, I would have never believed it. Her success level
just skyrocketed and she can communicate better. She dances with
explosive energy. To realize that they have
a voice in this world and that this world needs every
single one of those voices and there is power to that. Also helped me find friendships, helped me find happiness
that I’ve never had before. It feels like family to me.
I love you all. (Applause.) She understands that by sharing
this light and this talent and this color that she can really change
other people’s lives and it started to happen
with Live Art and with SPARC. It’s cool. (Applause.) (Music playing.)Yeah.Hey yeah. Hey yeah.Sun’s gonn a shine.Like seeing a kid do something that they hadn’t been
able to do before, that they have
accomplished this, it makes you want to give other
people the support of like, yes, you can do this cause this
whole community is like that. They’re always about
lifting people up. I love it. I mean just love it. I just love everything about it. The people are wonderful,
the teachers are wonderful. They’re a wonderful example
for the community and everybody around us. It’s just lovely. It’s just lovely to see all of
the realness in people come out. I think everybody
will leave and say I cannot believe
what I just saw. I cannot believe
what I just felt, saw, heard and I can’t believe that
I can actually feel like this because it’s not something that I don’t think people
feel this way every day. They know everyone
is watching them and it’s so awesome to show
the world what we can do. You’re trying to make
as much change and you’re trying to spread
this out as far as you can into the community
to make change. That’s what I love so much
about SPARC and Live Art, they’re actually making change
through changing people’s lives. All right, Matt This show was incredible. We are all just so
proud of ourselves right now in the moment for pulling the whole thing off.
Live Art Blue. You did so great.
I’m so proud of you. That vibe was just electric. The crowd was just alive.
It was just amazing. You get to shine
as bright as you can. Everyone is important there. It’s a great place to be. Not only was it professional, to pull in some of the
talent they had and to do it the way they did,
it was awesome. I think it’s the
happiness of everybody. I felt like getting up
and dancing myself. You just have to go to it.
There’s no explaining it. You don’t experience it until
you’re in the audience and until you’re
watching them move. You have to go. (Singing and applause.) I love Live Art
and I can’t wait for next year. (Applause.)

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