Luna North – Artist & Printmaker

I’m living on explore which is where I gained most of my inspiration in fact I really love to spend a lot of time on the hall and I’m a big Walker and also I’ve done the big sister as well there was take a flask of tea and the sketch broken sit down you know for a couple of hours I actually was born and brought up in Outer London and then about about 20-30 years ago I moved to the west country and a big part of the reason that I did that with myself and with my family was because I wanted to be close to what a Wilder bit of nature although I love the garden I really I really love to be out swear I probably won’t see India’s particularly on the paths that I think when I print make I use Japanese vinyl which is a hard surface and with just a little bit of giving it that I carve with which wood cutting tools and I make expressive marks within it and I’m lines to to bring out my design their oil printing inks but they wash out with a bush out with just place it with water and tiny bit of soap so where it’s really important to me that we look after the environment the they’re safe for the environment inks each and my prince takes about a month from the first design and I’ve been out in the Moors and trying out different views and different moments and then and then coming back through the design process printing and auditioning and trying you know about a month when it’s finished I print whole edition the Edition is the number of prints that you make from your blocks and once you’ve finished making that number whether it’s 10 20 40 50 100 then you can’t print from it anymore and that means that as a collector or a buyer you have something that’s original and quite special and collectible I use 4 5 6 blocks per print and each of those prints each of those blocks is a separate color and so the image builds up as a graphic it builds up you know a layer at a time until you get to a rich variety of colors and textures and marks coming through each other it’s a really important to me to be really quiet and to to really see what’s going on around me to really appreciate the wildlife and a nature and that’s a that’s the main thing that I want to share with people through my art is and the slowdown and look look at the subtle things and you know feel rested and feel nurtured by nature

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