MA Fine Art Printmaking – Camberwell College of Arts

it’s a master’s course that you come to with your own ideas with your own proposal it’s heavily practice based making prints across all the different workshops photography in here sculpture laser cutting the digital areas and then in the studio to reflect through crit’s seminars group discussions tutorials I find that sort of encourages you to really think about what you’re trying to say and experiment with your imagery they’re very heavily based in the workshops but there’s a really nice balance between making and thinking I like the fact that all the tutors are practicing artists the technicians are just so knowledgeable you know you can ask them anything it’s very much workshop based we do lithography which is direct and offset lithography screen printing itching relief printing which obviously encompasses woodcut line of code etc it’s kind of really well organized so you’ve got spaces where you do the inking up and you’ve got the clean spaces and then you’ve got work space the letterpress workshop is one of the oldest workshops in the college as well as it being a typographical process it is also printmaking process because it is essentially relief printing the thing about camera well is that it’s known for making and practitioners Campbell is also very well known for printmaking specifically it’s kind of one of the very few places in England actually that you can still do a master’s in from making there’s a lot of students that come from education from academia just from anyone who’s been working in studios perhaps had been to college years ago I originally did any degree in jewelry design the MA has been a fantastic stepping stone both my career as a teacher but also careers in artists and to continue my studies my practice is a crossover between photography printmaking and projection a lot of the stuff that I’m doing now is digital so inkjet printing but also combining with etching so you’ve got traditional things and modern technologies once you get to learn those techniques then you can push some of it in order to push your ideas then you can experiment different color paper over printing it’s a very immediate way of visualizing ideas through process you can use hands-on and you can quickly experiment and see things unfolding in front of you something that the course gives you is that confidence to be able to describe and analyze and evaluate your work it’s a practical making course everything is here and the student can pick up whatever they want I think that’s a great thing to kind of really find out what your art is about

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