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Welcome to a series of Indian Art promotion. India had always been known as the land. Buy here that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its conventional arts and
crafts. Folk art in India apparently has a great potential
in the international market because of its traditional aesthetic sensibility
and authenticity. The rural folk paintings of India bear distinctive
colorful designs, which are treated with religious and mystical
motifs. Some of the most famous folk paintings of
India are the Madhubani paintings of Bihar, Buy here Patachitra paintings from the state of Odisha,
the Nirmal paintings of Andhra Pradesh, and other such folk art forms. Buy here We are also promoting ancient art form on
different social media platform. Making it easily accessible and creating purses,
bags,l clocks, folders, mementoes, dupattas, sarees etc….!! In this webisode, we are talking about Madhubani
art. Next episode will be on warli. Madhubani painting, also referred to as Mithila
Art (as it flourishes in the Mithila region of Bihar), is characterized by line drawings
filled in by bright colours and contrasts or patterns. This style of painting has been traditionally
done by the women of the region, though today men are also involved to meet the demand. These paintings are popular because of their
tribal motifs and use of bright earthy colours. These paintings are done with mineral pigments
prepared by the artists. The work is done on freshly plastered or a
mud wall. Support our artisans and buy handmade products. These look very ethnic and contemporary at
the same time. Also they are not too expensive and not doing
any harm to the environment. Please, respect handmade products.


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