MAJE and Youth Art Connection — Culture Days 2019

– Words are everything to me. I write down how I feel. I write down what I see. I write down what I hear. Anything that really
dictates the way I think or the way I see things, I put it in song form. Sometimes it comes out as a melody. Sometimes it comes out as a poem. It’s always through
words though and music. Music just makes me happy. That’s all I know. Everywhere you go people
have their headphones in and so they’re listening to
something that makes them happy, inspires them, brings out an emotion. For us, it’s been hip-hop and R&B. ♪ You know who I am ♪ ♪ Not everybody gets that ♪ ♪ Why would I pretend ♪ ♪ This time we’ll never get back ♪ ♪ Put in all the work ♪ ♪ Back when I was jobless ♪ ♪ Girls in my phone ♪ ♪ But I was always honest ♪ ♪ Now you wanna leave ♪ ♪ Claiming you got baggage ♪ ♪ Read you like a book ♪ ♪ We on different pages ♪ ♪ Say you need a change ♪ ♪ But you won’t like the changes ♪ ♪ All over the gram ♪ ♪ Like you wanna be famous ♪ ♪ Take you on a trip ♪ ♪ Where nobody can find us ♪ My name is MAJE. I am a hip-hop artist,
hailing from East Preston. This is my story. ♪ Got to make your mind up ♪ ♪ You want my love, my love, my love ♪ East Preston is a predominantly
black neighborhood. On the outskirts of
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. To be a young black artist in Halifax, it’s truly a burden. It’s really hard actually. ‘Cause this isn’t a city that really appreciates black culture on a level where the
rest of the world does. You’re kind of just out
here, trynna figure it out on your own, really. Youth Art Connection is a not-for-profit that helps young artists find ways to get paid for their art, basically. When it was first starting up, I was one of the first
people that they worked with. It helped me a lot with
my confidence as a artist. When YAC instilled in me the skills and the knowledge that I needed, it really helped me
believe in what I was doing because I was now doing it as a business and not just as a hobby. The program I do is a Wednesday night HUB. Musicians, song writers,
dancers, visual artists, any kind of artist that you could think of is welcomed there. These young people are coming to me to figure out what’s next for them. I may not know it because
I’m not in that field but I definitely know
somebody that’s in that field and we can bring that person in and get them to do a workshop, get them to personally mentor that person. So, Youth Act Connections
is kind of like a connector. It’s like a hub, where
you can put this person with this person and then
it creates this magic.

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