Make Your Own Stamp: Printmaking Basics

[Music] today we’re gonna do something totally different than what we’ve done before we’re going to do some block carving um as you know I just moved to Nashville and I’ve had a lot of people that have been super gracious in meeting me and reaching out to me and just including me in this Nashville creative scene so I’m going to make them some thank-you cards there are a lot of different ways you can do this and a lot of different tools you can use but today I’m going to use this here um this is a speedball speedy cut is what they call it I think you can get this at most art stores of course Amazon I’ll put the link down below it’s like a it’s rubbery it’s really it’s like a big eraser almost so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to draw a pattern and then we’re going to carve it in here and then we’re going to ink it and we can print multiple of them I just has a little bit more of a hand done feel rather than just using Jonathan my normal printer so we’re gonna start with some carving tools which again I will put the link down below I think you can’t these are art stores um I got them at my college bookstore so if you guys have one of those in your town they’re a great resource for kind of funky art supplies like this these ones have a wooden handle which are nice um and then if you can see this the tip here is they go into all different shapes and sizes like this one’s flat this one’s round and of course that’s four different shapes these are Japanese carving tools again I’ll put the link down below but they come in just different shapes let’s get busy these are typically used for like more wood carving they can be use for a lot of things so so wood carving no linoleum box um this obviously just are gonna use them today so they’re just kind of good tools to have if this is something you want to get into and this is super easy printing that you can do I don’t so first I’m going to trace this so I can see how big it is when you print something you have to carve it opposite of what you want it to print it’s like a mirror so if I draw it directly on my block it’s not going to come out correctly but if I draw it on the paper and then imprint it on the block it will let me show you what I’m talking about because that’s kind of confusing okay so it’s very very rough but that’s okay so what I’m gonna do now is go over it really dark with this pencil and then imprint the block on it so here’s the important part so you want to place this actually hmm I didn’t think this through very well okay so what’s happening here cuz the car just died is I’m coloring over all of the parts that I drew on before so that they imprint on the block and you want to go over this quite a few times and try to keep the paper as to tell as you can because this is what you’re gonna want to trace okay and then you can kind of peek make sure you got everything see I forgot that spot there looks pretty good we have our block pretty much transferred as you can see it so it’s supposed to be backwards keep that in mind it’s now I’m gonna just kind of clean this up with my pencil and then we’ll get to carving so because my block is pretty little I think these two tools are going to be my go-to um this is you can see how tiny this is all of the black stuff the writing I want to keep everything else I want to carve away that’s really important to think about when you’re doing this and this is just you can kind of hold it like this so you have like a guide finger and a push again this is kind of hard because it’s a small block but see how easily this just kind of comes up like that and now we’re just gonna go around this whole thing so bear with me it’s gonna take a while so I really love carving with blocks like this versus wood and whatnot especially for beginners because this is just like butter it just like carbs right up it’s super easy to work with and just have fun with this you don’t like it printmaking is supposed to look yeah I’m done that’s the beauty of it so don’t be too hard on yourself and with this you kind of have to cut a little bit deep so that when we inked it these ridges don’t show up so then you can come in with like like a bigger tool that has a bigger like shovel on it basically and just kind of carve some of this out unless you want those lines in there and of course remember it’s always easier to take away later you can’t add so if you’re not sure ink it and then come back and cut [Music] just a little tutorial on the tools it’s kinda hard to see here on this camera but you see this one has a V on it so that’s gonna make her it’s gonna make a line so for instance let’s see if I can do this in film at the same time see the tool is really large but the line that it’s making is quite small depending on how how far in you go and then there’s tools like this that are au au shape let’s see they’re gonna make a bigger imprint like so and then all of these tools that are knives those are super helpful so if you want to go around an edge and make sure that you don’t cut into it you can just use this kind of like an exacto knife and then cut up alongside of it with another tool like one of those v-shaped tools is gonna be helpful there just to kind of give you some guide very beginner tutorial but just play with it that’s really how I figured it out so I think I have the block mostly done I kind of left some pieces that I didn’t color in just because I wanted to have the block print technique show through so now what I’m gonna do before I actually print it is I’m gonna go over it with graphite to kind of show what I missed because as you can see it’s a little bit hard to tell what’s correct and what’s not so I’m just gonna take my pencil and lightly go over like this and whatever is picking up this pencil mark is gonna be picked up in the print itself so it’s kind of a good test and again you’re gonna do some test prints so it doesn’t matter if you miss some stuff you can always go back and carve okay so typically when you print make you want to use like a roller and kind of like a paint roller they make specific ones speedball does I’m sure other brands do as well and you can roll on ink on your block today I don’t have one I’m a huge proponent using what you do have so I’m going to use this ink pad um it’s just like a it’s a stamp ink pad that you would put a stamp on I’m just gonna push it on all of the levels here see how everything is inking that’s okay it’s not gonna show up that way and you wanna especially this is not like the pervert method but it works you want to make sure your ink is as even as it can be so we take the block we flip it over and you press evenly enough entire thing and then ah pretty fun so as you can see right here I didn’t ink it well enough and then you can always come in here and say like okay I don’t like those strikes I don’t like this little situation here and then go back to your block and clean it up okay so there it is again you can paint this you can use water color you can use ink pads that’s probably not the suggested way if my printmaking future saw this she probably wouldn’t like it but it works and it’s what I have so that’s what we’re all about here hopefully you liked it if you guys did like it let me know if you want to see more things like this um I really enjoyed doing them so I’ll probably just keep filming them but always love to hear your feedback those of you that have commented I hear your comments I’m going to do those videos thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe we’re always doing fun things on this channel and I’d love for you to join

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