Man finds RARE AFRICAN ARTIFACTS in abandoned storage. Rare primal art bought at auction!

the key to this box was I liked the
whole lot of stuff but storage Scot like the two so I told him I’m a gambler man
I want just this box for free and I won’t bid you cuz if I bet it’s gonna
cost you money trust and leave by biscone cost money ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls of all ages say it all time hustle grime rewind it is a way of
life it is not a motto here we are day number captain’s log four thousand three
hundred sixty-two days at work in a row 7:00 in the morning
freezing cold it’s probably like 50 degrees here maybe a little less gotta
get this u-haul and loaded so we could take it back by 8:00 in the morning it’s
like 7:15 right now we got in late then we gotta come back we’re gonna clean
this all up today is liquidation day we’re getting
rid of everything in here this is the new stuff we just bought we got to make
room we’re gonna might keep this unit another month here’s what made me buy
these pallets the 18:1 woman stuff she passed away
look at this fridge right here that is a brand-new looking sticker here you see
it’s a little dirty inside obviously she didn’t have time to clean before she
moved this fridge right here should yield me I’m gonna wipe it down we’re
gonna make this like new we’re gonna sign this some biscuit up turn it
sideways it no okay no rock references guys sorry anyway we’re gonna clean this
up and we are going to probably end up getting an easy 500 dollars for this
fridge I said I’m a speculate 500 bucks for this fridge that’s what made me bid
2,000 dollars and 20 pallets was this one fridge we will have all of this to
go through then hurry up and get this back by 8:00 we’re gonna attempt to get
this heavy reclining sofa down by ourselves on these four-wheelers this is
the normal process of my business the storage business stores often pirate it
is the normal process that I’m usually doing most things by yourself now
there’s a lot of times everybody sees Uncle Mike help and you see Tony helping
sea-salt princess there’s a very specific reason and that is I do YouTube
this job is not something you could do by yourself at a high volume and you I’m
telling you right now I work like three P
I don’t know anybody ever who works as much as hard as I do physically to do
what I got to do I’ve never met that other person I’ve been waiting for that
counterpart but the fact is there is no time to literally do both if you’re
doing YouTube and storages you either buy in small units or I don’t know what
you’re doing you’re not selling stuff for what you’re doing it’s just sitting
somewhere but there’s impossible to do it all there it is not enough time in
the day I’m telling you right now because I do it you watch it but this is
how it is this by yourself or you have to have a team of people that’s why you
see Uncle Mike Oh salt princess Tony etcetera etcetera all the time on the
videos because they’re making it possible for me to make the YouTube
videos to show everybody how to buy you shout out to them and shout to myself
hope I don’t break my neck right now about to do this I’m gonna try to film
this somehow so this is the things you do and you have no cameraman and you’re
by yourself like I was just saying shout out to the team and what I have to get
have help but here we are what doing we normally do which is trying to film so I
had to make a little makeshift tripod here’s the keys not gonna come off once
they get down here but often when you do that with the to four we there’s one
slides off so I don’t want that Oh damn it Gina that’s how you move a couch
buy yourself a reclining sofa down and ramp by yourself okay she didn’t know we
almost lost it right there dangers the second I walked at a u-haul from
returning the truck my lyft driver was there gave me a nice little change of
pace to finish my video for the day before I got back to work this is the
exact convenience of this business when people say they don’t have enough they
don’t have what it’s the min tools etc etc it’s this simple I just came here
unloaded the u-haul went to u-haul dropped it off and caught a lift back to
my storage didn’t have time to even get this in my storage to my storage a mess
I knew it would be confessed and the manager wouldn’t be here before I got
back I left my storage door open left the stuff in front like I was here
because in my eyes it is more trustworthy someone’s gonna think you’re
in your unit and ain’t gonna touch your stuff and I hurried up and the second I
walked out of returning that u-haul the lyft driver was right there at the door
hop then got back here and here we are we spent he had that u-haul for 48 hours
to the DA actually about three minutes over we spent 298 $290 basically to 89
18 now here is the man we spent 30 to 20 total at the auction on 40 pallets you
add that three hundred and ninety dollars or about 3500 you factor in a
little bit of gas and a little bit of help and we’re almost probably at 3,800
to get all of it moved here to our door we’ve sold one pallet that cost us 104
600 bucks we’ve already got back to 600 now we’re down to $3,200 out and we have
to get it all back and make money but to say you don’t have money this is the
philosophy of scared money don’t make money it’s this simple if you only have
500 just say I don’t know you might have less you might have more if you had $500
to your name if you ain’t willing to invest all that in this business because
you don’t have enough tools to do it or knowledge it’s not for you you need to
be willing to risk that 500 bucks you can go to an auction you could buy a
1 to 200 dollar unit you can go to u-haul and rent a truck for one to two
days to move that unit to a storage unit you go to public storage you go to extra
space you go to places like that they have a dollar special you’re looking at
about 50 bucks or less to rent a unit for the first month after paperwork
processing assurance and you have a web for 50 bucks for the month you have to
get out of and you have you harder got you your stuff to your location to go
through and a perfect prep potentially make money off of that one purchase to
continue the process it is ongoing and it’s not one storage unit is not to
storage units its the units in whole what you did that month etc etcetera
because you’re gonna keep the stuff that’s good you’re gonna milk it
you’re gonna go buy another one before even sold it all and repeat that keeps
building to me your portfolio is your savings account is all the good stuff
you hoard the cell for the right time can you keep processing the father you
do that you keep putting it on eBay you start off with $500 and stuff on eBay
you get up to $800 and stuff on eBay you get up to 1,200 you sell it or you keep
making that more do once you get up to like a hundred two hundred items on your
eBay you’re selling something almost every day you can run an eBay out of a
your car in a backpack there’s no excuses just saying alright so the first
thing we’re gonna do now that were able to work will be to hear the rest of the
day cuz I decided I’m gonna keep my warehouse for another month I bought way
too many units 40 pounds in 210 by 15s in 24 hours and I don’t want to rent all
units I’m just gonna reverse my unum and get it rid of everything I was gonna get
rid of and turn it into an actual warehouse since now we have a eBay
headquarters at our garage and the first order of business we’re gonna list this
sofa set to Craigslist since we’ll be here all day we’re gonna see if we can
sell this right off the back so we need to start getting back some money I’m
gonna list this for 400 or best offer on Craigslist first person show up with
some money it’s going to them because this entire lot cost me $400 Oh
hustle grandma while I’ve been going at it today I’m telling you right now
trailers getting loaded for the trash for tomorrow we’re trying to get all
this stuff in the you know we got paperwork and stuff we have to throw
away we got the dodge back we got to switch
trucks and we’re just getting to it if you see everywhere you look I’ve just
been working trying to get my next flea market already cuz we’re lit basically
liquidate like I said been liquidate and everything how to go through these
shelves tear it all down and we got this place filled look at whoo filled with
all these goodies to go through I’m excited I’m gonna go through this I’m
gonna try to get through this one I here because this is something special right
here so African art I told Scott I will not bid
this lot because I like this one if you just give me this one boxes the other
Alex and Jack didn’t like I said I like this one I said I won’t bid I just want
this one box and you won’t have no competition he got the whole lot for 300
he gave me this one box I want to go through this and see what’s in here
it’s 5:30 this place is packed and as with the moment I’ve been waiting for
all day to look what’s in this African art box
the key to this box was I liked the whole lot of stuff but storage Scot like
the two so I told him I’m a gambler man I want just this box for free and I
won’t bid you because if I bet it’s gonna cost you money trust him leave bye
bitch don’t cost money he got it for next to nothing cuz I didn’t bid but I
got the box I wanted that looks promising what is it looks very handmade the
leather actually still has the fur on it that is wicked huh I don’t know what
something like that would be worth it scrapped but African art is hot I know a
guy bought a chair one time for 150 bucks at the Oakland flea market and
ended up with a $250,000 african wood chair these sodas I think Sotheby’s it’s
got some pin mark there looks like like somebody took a cup into Center right on
this look at that primitive wow they patched it up to use it as a
cup interesting this could have some good value ladies and gentlemen nice it almost looks like silver but it
looks like also copper to a very old the quality of work on this this is not just
your typical tourist art I have to look this stuff up I have my specialist come
look at it Wow almost looks native look at the work
on these things ooh Zulu Africa South Africa number 125
that is some nice stuff there this looks like tourist art right here this doesn’t
look like it’s the same type of quality and value I wonder now what else was in
Scotts vault it makes me wonder if I should have bought that stuff look at
this work Zulu South Africa $100 number 123
primitive style work I’m digging this box look at that Scott I hope you score
Zulu South Africa 145 number 122 the head is a little loose I want to be
careful with that that is interesting Wow I want to get this stuff looked in Zulu South Africa 100 very quality work
I don’t know if that’s silver I like the way that it’s just primitive looking
that is nice thumbnail pose we haven’t done one of those in a while
what is this is that we do it go get this close like this no trying to make the face of the guy alright enough of the thumbnail pose
this right here this was a good score I don’t know what it is we got to have
somebody look at it I think I’ll have Matthew look at it he knows a little bit
of African art we’ll give him send him some photos and I’ll get back to him
what this has in its value right here


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