March 28-30 The ULTIMATE Fine Art Printmaking Workshop!

Nevada Art printers mastering fine art printmaking workshop with Robert Park and I taking a little break whoa you should see this thing absolutely amazing if we go to the Carnevale gallery in Caesar’s Palace he has an image that was taken with the Nikon d810 and is a hundred and six inches long you could put your nose on the print and it looks like reality looks just like large-format and we’re all taking a breaks about 20 people and Robert and I are just going back and forth on our teaching you guys learning anything anyway so we’re teaching off of laptop here gigantic screen here so that people can see what we’re doing looks like beautiful images all over this place some fuji flex mini lumic roman HD prints wow what a day we’re going into the second day now but our mastering fine art printmaking workshop has been an absolute success sellout everybody is raging happy we were just techy all day long until about four o’clock and then we ended up going to the Tony Carnevale gallery in Caesars Palace with the techniques that we’re going to be teaching today with a really holistic approach to mastering sharpening and grain simulation this is just going to be off the charts today we have a very ambitious curriculum to finish today it’s going to be all in-house so we’re gonna have test cases where we’re gonna actually be working these processes through on some other people’s prints and I’m very very very excited for this morning I have never ever experienced such an awesome teaching environment and where the participants are all coming up to me and just saying this is the most incredible thing we have ever done this is just absolutely awesome I’m so thankful that I’ve come here there were bare beginners that don’t even know what a color space is in this workshop that we’re saying basically that they love this because now they don’t ever have to go anywhere to get any more print information how to develop prints all questions were answered there were many many many and then there’s advance print makers people who even own printing companies and and have galleries and everything in there it was just phenomenal the chemistry was awesome and we are going to do this again folks and it is gonna be even better than this time because we’ll be a little bit more organized but the curriculums fantastic and I can’t wait to go around this corner right up here and meet up with people and get going again anybody who’s interested in mastering printmaking this is the workshop of workshops Las Vegas Nevada art printers we’re talking a lot about all kinds of prints black and white everything but especially luma chrome HD prints they are just off the charts better than Fuji Flex acrylic mounts it’s amazing the depth and dimension and robert’s knowledge of color science and sharpening science is unprecedented there are probably a very few people in the entire world that understand it like he does and can put it into practical application all the best to you guys and great light to you you [Music] [Laughter] [Music]

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